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14 Jan 2024 - Version NULLED
04 Nov 2023 - Version 4.4.8 NULLED
18 Sep 2023 - Version NULLED
02 Aug 2023 - Version 4.4.2 NULLED
27 Jul 2023 - Version 4.4.1 NULLED
16 Jul 2023 - Version NULLED
27 Jun 2023 - Version NULLED
06 Jun 2023 - Version 4.3.8 NULLED
02 May 2023 - Version 4.3.6 NULLED
18 Apr 2023 - Version NULLED
04 Apr 2023 - Version NULLED
17 Mar 2023 - Version 4.3.3 NULLED
07 Mar 2023 - Version NULLED
06 Mar 2023 - Version 4.3.2 NULLED
04 Feb 2023 - Version 4.3.0 NULLED
16 Jan 2023 - Version 4.2.9 NULLED
05 Dec 2022 - Version 4.2.8 NULLED
04 Nov 2022 - Version 4.2.7 NULLED
16 Oct 2022 - Version NULLED
10 Oct 2022 - Version 4.2.6 NULLED
14 Sep 2022 - Version NULLED
08 Sep 2022 - Version 4.2.5 NULLED
24 Aug 2022 - Version NULLED
Fixed: Issues activating addons from the feature managerFixed: Not all assets loading in the Block Editor.
22 Aug 2022 - Version NULLED
12 Aug 2022 - Version 4.2.4 NULLED
15 Jul 2022 - Version NULLED
17 Jun 2022 - Version 4.2.2 NULLED
28 May 2022 - Version NULLED
27 Apr 2022 - Version 4.2.0 NULLED
New: Added a brand new dashboard widget to help you quickly identify pages and posts that can be optimized to help your SEO rankings!New: Added a second dashboard widget for users who have not yet finished the Setup Wizard.New: Added an option to strip the category base.New: Added internal integration with Smash Balloon’s Facebook plugin to automatically bust the Open Graph cache when a page or post is updated.Updated: Disabled shortcode parsing by default for new sites and surfaced the option so users can disable it without filter hooks.Updated: Sorted the sitemap posts and pages by priority, then last modified date.Fixed: Setup wizard not always saving every setting.Fixed: Manually entered person not working in the setup wizard.Fixed: Conflict with WPBakery’s Visual Composer and our blocks.Fixed: Clicking the gear icon in the Divi page builder didn’t always work.Fixed: Redirects modal appearing behind block editor sidebar.Fixed: TruSEO analysis not running on page load in Elementor.Fixed: Convert the manifest.json into a manifest.php file to fix loading on unique filesystems.Fixed: Media title and descriptions not updating.
09 Apr 2022 - Version 4.1.10 NULLED
03 Apr 2022 - Version NULLED
Fixed: PHP errors for users with invalid FTP/SSH filesystems.
01 Apr 2022 - Version NULLED
31 Mar 2022 - Version NULLED
28 Feb 2022 - Version 4.1.8 NULLED
New: Manage redirects directly from any post/page to temporarily redirect to another post/page.New: Prevent updating the modified date on a page or post when making changes that you don’t need search engines to re-index.Updated: Image sitemap now includes images from Divi.Updated: Smart tags now add a space in front of them if there isn’t one yet.Updated: Post editor social tab now displays an alert when Facebook/Twitter is disabled in the settings.Updated: Additional link format options no longer displayed for ACF link fields since they aren’t supported there.Updated: Added aioseo_multisite_subdomain filter to allow users to indicate which type of configuration their multisite uses.Updated: Disabling “Show in Search Results” option sets robots meta back to default settings if no other robots settings were previously changed.Updated: Removed QAPage graph in favour of FAQPage graph.Updated: Updated score description for the SEO Analyzer to better reflect SEO recommendations.Fixed: Facebook/Twitter previews now always display the right image for the active image source.Fixed: Link Format styles have been readded after they were removed in WP 5.9.Fixed: Local SEO metabox missing some styles.Fixed: Canonical URL of the latest post sometimes used for the homepage.Fixed: Canonical URL and OG:URL missing from attachment pages.Fixed: Custom canonical URL no longer alters the schema of the OG:URL.Fixed: Headline Analyzer sometimes not correctly identifying some uncommon words, power words, etc.Fixed: Image sitemap now includes the correct amount of images if the post content contains an invalid post gallery shortcode.Fixed: Image sitemap scan sometimes interferes with the V3 post meta migration.Fixed: Miscellaneous Webmaster Verification field is now trimmed before being output into the HEAD, preventing blank spaces.Fixed: PHP error after deleting a post from a post type that does not support trashing.Fixed: SEO Title field no longer has extra trailing spaces.Fixed: Meta Description field no longer has an extra trailing new line.Fixed: TruSEO now runs correctly if the visual editor in the Classic Editor is disabled.Fixed: Sitemap Priority/Frequency dropdowns now correctly display in the sidebar.
05 Feb 2022 - Version 4.1.7 NULLED
13 Jan 2022 - Version NULLED
12 Jan 2022 - Version NULLED
Fix nulled 
06 Jan 2022 - Version 4.1.6 NULLED
11 Dec 2021 - Version NULLED
18 Nov 2021 - Version NULLED
07 Nov 2021 - Version NULLED
04 Nov 2021 - Version 4.1.5 NULLED
23 Sep 2021 - Version NULLED
Fixed: PHP notice when importing static homepage SEO data from other plugins.Fixed: PHP notice after upgrading from AIOSEO Lite to AIOSEO Pro.
16 Sep 2021 - Version NULLED
Fixed: Some settings not carried over correctly in niche cases.
12 Sep 2021 - Version NULLED
Fixed: Console error after loading the Classic Editor because of a conflict with Lodash.Fixed: PHP error in WordPress Core 4.9 because of a call to a function that was introduced in WordPress Core 5.0.Fixed: PHP error on upgrading from AIOSEO Lite to AIOSEO Pro.Fixed: Post/term data not always saving correctly.
02 Sep 2021 - Version NULLED
Fixed: Slower load time when HTML Sitemap dedicated page is enabled.
19 Aug 2021 - Version NULLED
Fixed: Additional permissions related issues for Authors and Contributors.
14 Aug 2021 - Version NULLED
31 Jul 2021 - Version 4.1.3 NULLED
17 Jul 2021 - Version NULLED
30 Jun 2021 - Version NULLED
28 May 2021 - Version NULLED
13 May 2021 - Version 4.1.1 NULLED
02 May 2021 - Version NULLED
10 Apr 2021 - Version 4.1.0 NULLED
15 Mar 2021 - Version 4.0.17 NULLED
28 Feb 2021 - Version 4.0.16 NULLED
04 Feb 2021 - Version 4.0.14 NULLED
18 Jan 2021 - Version 4.0.12 NULLED
30 Dec 2020 - Version 4.0.11 NULLED
23 Dec 2020 - Version 4.0.8 NULLED
19 Dec 2020 - Version 4.0.5 NULLED
26 Nov 2020 - Version 4.0.4 NULLED
23 Nov 2020 - Version 4.0.3 NULLED
20 Nov 2020 - Version 4.0.2 NULLED
24 Sep 2020 - Version 3.7.1 NULLED
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