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Version: 3.9.0 NULLED

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27 Nov 2023 - Version 3.9.0 NULLED
25 Nov 2023 - Version 3.8.0 NULLED
25 Nov 2023 - Version 3.7.0 NULLED
15 Nov 2023 - Version 3.5.0 NULLED
07 Nov 2023 - Version 3.4.0 NULLED
24 Oct 2023 - Version 3.3.0 NULLED
22 Oct 2023 - Version 3.1.0 NULLED
13 Oct 2023 - Version 3.0.0 NULLED
30 Sep 2023 - Version 2.8.0 NULLED
05 Sep 2023 - Version 2.7.7 NULLED
18 Aug 2023 - Version 2.7.6 NULLED
09 Aug 2023 - Version 2.7.5 NULLED
06 Aug 2023 - Version 2.7.3 NULLED
28 Jul 2023 - Version 2.7.2 NULLED
16 Jul 2023 - Version 2.7.1 NULLED
15 May 2023 - Version 2.6.7 NULLED
23 Apr 2023 - Version NULLED
23 Apr 2023 - Version 2.6.5 NULLED
05 Apr 2023 - Version 2.6.4 NULLED
* **Improvements*** BuddyBoss: Improved trigger "User updates profile information" to avoid launch it when information did not change.
11 Mar 2023 - Version 2.6.1 NULLED
* **New Features*** New integration: Easy Affiliate.* Easy Affiliate: New trigger: User becomes an affiliate.* Easy Affiliate: New trigger: User earns a referral.
04 Mar 2023 - Version 2.6.0 NULLED
* **New Features*** New integration: SureCart.* SureCart: New trigger: User makes a purchase.* **Developer Notes*** Moved old changelog to changelog.txt.
07 Feb 2023 - Version 2.5.7 NULLED
* **Improvements*** WordPress: New field to update Display Name on action "Update User".
29 Jan 2023 - Version 2.5.4 NULLED
* **Developer Notes*** Added new hooks to extend the automation clone functionality.* **Bug Fixes*** ActiveCampaign: Fixed a PHP warning related to webhooks.
20 Jan 2023 - Version 2.5.3 NULLED
* **Improvements*** Improved the auto logs cleanup to work even with large amounts of logs entries.
12 Jan 2023 - Version 2.5.1 NULLED
* **Improvements*** Added more nonce checks to prevent CSRF attacks.
24 Dec 2022 - Version 2.4.9 NULLED
* **Bug Fixes*** WP Simple Pay: Fixed display of form titles.
25 Nov 2022 - Version 2.4.8 NULLED
* **New Features*** New tag: {date:FORMAT:VALUE} to place relative dates like {date:d/m/Y:+1 month}* New tag: {timestamp:VALUE} to place relative timestamps like {timestamp:+1 month}
06 Nov 2022 - Version 2.4.5 NULLED
* **Improvements*** Updated add-ons API.
04 Nov 2022 - Version 2.4.4 NULLED
* **Bug fixes*** Presto Player: Fixed tags to get data from logged automations.
27 Oct 2022 - Version 2.3.9 NULLED
* **Bug Fixes**The Events Calendar: Fixed warning when confirming RSVP since Events Tickets has 2 different ways to launch the same hook with different parameters.
16 Oct 2022 - Version 2.3.6 NULLED
* **Improvements*** Improved URL sanity checks to prevent duplicated ampersands in "Redirect user to URL" action.* **Bug Fixes*** Fixed incorrect check to meet if a plugin integration should be loaded.
08 Oct 2022 - Version 2.3.3 NULLED
* **New Features*** New integration: Download Manager.* New integration: JetFormBuilder.* New integration: StudioCart.* JetFormBuilder: New trigger: User submits a form.* JetFormBuilder: New anonymous trigger: Guest submits a form.* StudioCart: New trigger: User purchases a product.* **Improvements*** LearnDash: Added name of groups in "Make user the leader of a group" action label.
29 Sep 2022 - Version 2.3.2 NULLED
* **Bug Fixes*** Fixed user ID assigned on "Delete user" action.
17 Sep 2022 - Version 2.2.9 NULLED
* **Bug Fixes*** MailPoet: Fixed variable type error in "Add subscriber to list" action due to MailPoet new version.* **New Features*** BuddyBoss: New tags: Invitation tags to get the inviter and invited IDs.
06 Sep 2022 - Version 2.2.8 NULLED
* **Bug Fixes*** BuddyPress: Fixed the add user to group action to prevent to work with strings as group ID.* BuddyBoss: Fixed the add user to group action to prevent to work with strings as group ID.* Fixed a PHP notice in AutomatorWP settings screen.
28 Aug 2022 - Version 2.2.7 NULLED
* **Bug Fixes*** Fixed incorrect function in the Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) integration.
18 Aug 2022 - Version 2.2.6 NULLED
* **New Features*** New integration: Advanced Custom Fields (ACF).* Advanced Custom Fields: New trigger: User updates post field with a value.* Advanced Custom Fields: New action: Update post field with a value.* **Bug Fixes*** Fixed some incorrect text domain names.
13 Aug 2022 - Version 2.2.5 NULLED
* **Improvements*** ActiveMember360: All actions adapted to last version of ActiveMember360.* **Bug Fixes*** wpForo: Updated wpForo install check to meet wpForo main class change in 2.0.0.* Fixed parameters check when excluding URLs.
31 Jul 2022 - Version 2.2.4 NULLED
* **Bug Fixes*** ActiveCampaign: Fixed a bug that causes contact is not detected in ActiveCampaign if email contains special characters.
27 Jul 2022 - Version 2.2.3 NULLED
* **New Features*** Added the "All posts" automation, an automation to run actions on all or on a filtered group of posts manually, on a specific date or on a recurring basis (Ideal for automate maintenance tasks on your site posts like clean up the older posts or email administrators about pending ones).* **Improvements*** Improved the redirect URL Javascript checks.
21 Jul 2022 - Version 2.2.2 NULLED
* **New Features*** Added the "All users" automation, an automation to run actions on all or on a filtered group of users manually, on a specific date or on a recurring basis.* **Improvements*** Improved the redirect URL action to work even when other plugins do a redirect.* Removed a non required check of a Javascript file exists in AutomatorWP > Settings screen.* Prevent PHP warnings during activation caused by CMB2 library.
02 Jul 2022 - Version 2.2.1
* **New Features*** New integration: Autonami.* Autonami: New trigger: User added to list.* Autonami: New trigger: Tag added to user.* Autonami: New anonymous trigger: Contact added to list.* Autonami: New anonymous trigger: Tag added to contact.* Autonami: New action: Add a tag to the user.* Autonami: New action: Add a tag to a contact.* **Improvements*** Style improvements to table fields display.
19 Jun 2022 - Version 2.1.9
* **Bug Fixes*** Prevent PHP warnings during activation caused by checking the existent database tables during activation.
09 Jun 2022 - Version 2.1.7
* **Improvements*** Performance improvement reducing the database queries to check if a table exists.* FluentCRM: Performance improvement reducing the database queries to build the contact tags.
03 Jun 2022 - Version 2.1.5
* **New Features*** New integration: Thrive Quiz Builder.* Thrive Quiz Builder: New trigger: User completes a quiz.* BuddyBoss: Added the ability to add a link preview to the "Add an activity to user" action.* WooCommerce: New tag: Order Currency.* WooCommerce: New tag: Order Currency Symbol.* **Bug Fixes*** LearnPress: Fixed hidden button "Continue" in lessons.
31 May 2022 - Version 2.1.4
* **New Features*** WordPress: Added the ability to select a different user in the action "Add, change or remove role to user".* **Improvements*** GamiPress: Check if user to reward on actions exists.* Tested with WordPress 6.0.
13 May 2022 - Version 2.1.3
* **New Features*** WordPress: New trigger: User updates a post.* WordPress: New trigger: User updates a post of a type.* WordPress: New trigger: User updates a post of a taxonomy.* WordPress: New trigger: User updates a field of a post.* **Improvements*** Prevent to display revisions from on post selector fields.
27 Apr 2022 - Version 2.1.1
* **Improvements*** Mailchimp: Make tags selector be able to query all tags in the account.
23 Apr 2022 - Version 2.1.0
* **New Features*** BuddyBoss: Added the activity author ID tag.* BuddyPress: Added the activity author ID tag.* **Improvements*** WooCommerce: Added a link to the order on logs entries where an order is assigned.* **Bug Fixes*** Mailchimp: Fixed a small bug that caused credentials not getting saved correctly.
13 Apr 2022 - Version 2.0.9
* **New Features*** Added the "Post Type Label" tag to display the post type label.* **Improvements*** Mailchimp: Only load Mailchimp libraries when needed.
11 Apr 2022 - Version 2.0.8
* **New Features*** Mailchimp: New action: New Integration: Mailchimp.* Mailchimp: New action: Add tag to user.* Mailchimp: New action: Subscribe user to an audience.* Mailchimp: New action: Add note to user.
09 Apr 2022 - Version 2.0.7
* **New Features*** New Integration: Amelia.* Amelia: New trigger: User books an appointment.* Amelia: New anonymous trigger: Guest books an appointment.* **Improvements*** Added support for datetime fields.
16 Mar 2022 - Version 2.0.4
Added support to render options with multiples values in triggers or actions labels.
04 Mar 2022 - Version 2.0.3
* **Improvements*** LearnPress: Updated enroll user to course action to match with the latest LearnPress version.* WPLMS: Updated check to meet if WPLMS is installed to match latest WPLMS v4.3.
26 Feb 2022 - Version 2.0.2
* **Developer Notes*** Updated CMB2 library to 2.10.1.
19 Feb 2022 - Version 2.0.1
* **Improvements*** Dashboard updated with new links to documentation.* **Bug Fixes*** Fixed issue with the reset password link and URL replacement.
05 Feb 2022 - Version 1.9.9
* **New Features*** New Integration: Divi.* Divi: New Trigger: User submits a form.* Divi: New Anonymous Trigger: Guest submits a form.
30 Jan 2022 - Version 1.9.8
* **New Features*** WooCommerce: Added the order customer note tag.* **Improvements*** LearnPress: Updated enroll user to course action to match with the latest LearnPress version.* Reorder the integrations list alphabetically in the edit automation screen.
26 Jan 2022 - Version 1.9.7
* **Bug Fixes*** Fixed incorrect call of the wp_update_user() function.* **Developer Notes*** Tested with WordPress 5.9.
24 Jan 2022 - Version 1.9.6
* **Bug Fixes*** WishList Member: Prevent to render levels without ID on membership levels option fields.
20 Jan 2022 - Version 1.9.5
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