BioLinks - Instagram & TikTok Bio Links & URL Shortener (SAAS Ready) - V24.1.0

Version: 24.1.0

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16 Jul 2022 - Version 24.1.0
Implemented new QR code styles: dot & round.Implemented new payments webhook in the admin panel.Custom domains can not be submitted twice now, if a custom domain is already approved.Fixed biolink image uploads issues when using the offload plugin.
06 Jul 2022 - Version 23.0.0
06 Jun 2022 - Version 22.1.0
29 May 2022 - Version 22.0.0
16 May 2022 - Version 21.0.0
02 Apr 2022 - Version 19.0.0
17 Mar 2022 - Version 18.0
03 Mar 2022 - Version 17.0
21 Feb 2022 - Version 16.1.0
Implemented link shortener Operating System targeting.Implemented the ability to enable/disable a language via the admin panel.Implemented the ability to filter translated, non translated and all strings when editing a language via the admin panel.Bio link pages can now be exported to PDF via the browser native functionality.Fixed various new translation system issues.Small other visual improvements.
09 Feb 2022 - Version 16.0
Fully reworked the Languages & Translations system for much better performance, handling and usability.Implemented the ability to edit and translate Languages from the admin panel.Implemented one-time payment gateway.Implemented a fully-featured biolink pages themes system. Themes can be created from the admin panel.Implemented the ability to set Custom CSS / JS for each biolink page, toggle-able via plan features.Implemented user registration blacklist by country.Emojis in URL alias are now allowed for Shortened URLs and Biolink pages.Reworked the admin panel footer (added language switcher + theme switcher).Reworked the footer of the whole app.Reworked the plugin system so plugins won't lose their state anymore when updating.Improved UI for all tables on mobile.Improved UX workflow bug when skipping trial & introducing billing details.Improved responsiveness for account payments & logs pages.Improved color contrast in Dark mode.Fixed UI alignment issues on mobile.Fixed payment generation bug when using discount codes in some cases.Fixed admin panel settings UI menu bug.Fixed & improved many other small UI issues.
05 Jan 2022 - Version 15.0.1
03 Jan 2022 - Version 15.0
23 Nov 2021 - Version 14.0
06 Nov 2021 - Version 12.0
07 Sep 2021 - Version 11.0.0
Developed the new Ultimate Pack Plugin -> Ultimate BlocksImplemented Coinbase (crypto) payments.Fully reworked the Trial system. Now you can set how many days you want to give out on a per-plan basis.Implemented the ability to display, edit and set a Custom plan on the plans section, via the admin panel.Implemented the ability to highlight a particular plan with a particular color via the admin panel.Implemented the ability to enable/disable search engine indexing from the admin panel.Implemented a new way to select biolink blocks when adding blocks to a biolink page, including search functionality.Implemented Twitter login.Implemented the ability to limit the total amount of biolink blocks a user can have per biolink page.Paragraph & heading block has been added instead of the Text block.Avatar block has been added instead of the already existing fixed avatar setting (+ size setting & border-radius).Socials block has been added instead of the already existing fixed socials.Implemented the ability to set custom favicons for biolink pages.Biolink link blocks: outline setting has been replaced with the ability to set the border width, style & color.Biolink link blocks: Implemented the ability to set the link to open in a new tab or not.Added new background gradient presets.The verified badge will now show in the footer.Fully reworked the social logins workflow for better performance and user experience.Reworked the admin panel plan update, create & user update pages for consistency purposes.Improved the way plans are displayed.Improved the way admin panel plans are displayed.Improved all the embeddable blocks: you will now not be allowed to write any type of URL in there, only from trusted sources.Added nice hover animation for biolink blocks.If you now redeem a plan that you already have on your account, the redeemed plan days will be now added on top.Fixed password protected biolink pages bug.Many code cleanups, improvements and other small bugfixes.
11 Aug 2021 - Version 10.0.0
- Implemented Google login.- Implemented the ability to export links visits statistics via CSV and JSON.- Implemented admin panel bulk deletion feature for Links, Pixels, Projects, Domains.- Completely remade the PayPal One Time payments with the new V2 API.- Completely remade the PayPal Subscription payments which fixed a few small UX issues.- Implemented the ability to view & delete all the user logs from the Admin Panel, filter them, export them via CSV and JSON.- Implemented user logs device type, country, and operating system tracking for important activities of an account.- Implemented the ability to view all the used coupons of a particular user from the admin panel.- Implemented the ability to export Account Payments to JSON and CSV.- Implemented the ability to export Account Logs to JSON and CSV & filter them.- Implemented the ability to enable/disable search engine indexing from the admin panel.- Reworked the ability to send SMTP test emails from the admin panel for testing.- Now you are able to use utf8 characters in URL aliases, (ex:特点)- Fully reworked the whole admin panel - website settings page, which now avoids some small, yet annoying bugs & UX bugs.- Reworked the admin panel - pages part for a better UX experience.- Improved the consistency of the success messages across the platform, while reducing the size of the translation file.- Fixed small taxes calculation issue.- Various other improvements, code cleanups, and small fixes.
12 Jul 2021 - Version 9.3.0
09 May 2021 - Version 8.0.0
21 Sep 2020 - Version 4.8.2
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