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Version: 1.8.80 NULLED

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29 Mar 2023 - Version 1.8.80 NULLED
- Improvement: Compatibility with WordPress 6.2- Improvement: Never expose real login url in the account modal- Improvement: Header account element label not translatable via "String translations" (WPML)- Fix: Newsletter module text color option not applying correctly
17 Mar 2023 - Version 1.8.79 NULLED
Fix: Account modal some strings where not translatable
11 Mar 2023 - Version 1.8.78 NULLED
- Improvement: Prefix XML parser class to not clash with other plugins- Improvement: Correctly extract SVG sizes in blocksy_image function
07 Mar 2023 - Version 1.8.77 NULLED
Improvement: General fixes and improvements
04 Mar 2023 - Version 1.8.76 NULLED
Improvement: Better detection of user and CPT conditions
04 Feb 2023 - Version 1.8.72 NULLED
Improvement: General fixes and improvements
29 Jan 2023 - Version 1.8.71 NULLED
Improvement: General fixes and improvements
13 Jan 2023 - Version 1.8.66 NULLED
- Improvement: Better header sticky calculation with very high elements in the rows- Fix: Negative margin should not break sticky header calculations
30 Dec 2022 - Version 1.8.65 NULLED
Improvement: General fixes and improvements
24 Dec 2022 - Version 1.8.63 NULLED
- Improvement: Correctly re-apply sticky container height in customizer- Improvement: Don't output widgets heading tag if title is empty
16 Dec 2022 - Version 1.8.62 NULLED
Improvement: More reliable checking of taxonomy in conditions manager
19 Nov 2022 - Version 1.8.58 NULLED
- Improvement: Correct redirect to dashboard on plugin activation- Fix: Trending posts taxonomy relationship
12 Nov 2022 - Version 1.8.57 NULLED
Improvement: General fixes and improvements
06 Nov 2022 - Version 1.8.56 NULLED
- Improvement: Sticky header shrink with border correctly position floating cart- Improvement: Better logic for simple XML svg parsing
06 Nov 2022 - Version 1.8.55 NULLED
- Improvement: XML strategy for SVG dimensions when simple xml is absent- Improvement: Correctly recalculate sticky position on page resize
22 Oct 2022 - Version 1.8.53 NULLED
- Improvement: Account modal show password strength in Sign Up tab- Fix: Cookies consent decline button is not translatable
16 Oct 2022 - Version 1.8.52 NULLED
Improvement: General fixes and improvements
24 Sep 2022 - Version 1.8.49 NULLED
Improvement: Better output for product reviews price and currency
18 Sep 2022 - Version 1.8.48 NULLED
22 Aug 2022 - Version 1.8.46 NULLED
05 Aug 2022 - Version 1.8.45 NULLED
Improvement: Widgets strings - better compatibility with translation plugins
29 Jul 2022 - Version 1.8.44 NULLED
- Improvement: Better calculate sticky top position when auto-hide effect is used- Improvement: Better handling of conditions module when Blocksy is not active
28 Jul 2022 - Version 1.8.43 NULLED
- Improvement: Allow picking individual author archives in conditions module- Improvement: Account modal incorrect overflow on smaller screens
15 Jul 2022 - Version 1.8.42 NULLED
Fix: Account modal breaks if dismissed previously
09 Jul 2022 - Version 1.8.41 NULLED
Improvement: General fixes and improvements
08 Jul 2022 - Version 1.8.40 NULLED
Improvement: Update translation files
29 Jun 2022 - Version 1.8.37 NULLED
- Improvement: Account register form better handle when Dokan plugin is active- Improvement: Correct calculation of SVG dimensions during the demo import process
23 Jun 2022 - Version 1.8.36 NULLED
Improvement: Automatically reset minified CSS/JS files from WPRocket after update
22 Jun 2022 - Version 1.8.35 NULLED
- Improvement: Add custom class argument to `blocksy_posts` shortcode- Improvement: Display conditions module - search functionality
07 Jun 2022 - Version 1.8.34 NULLED
- Improvement: Better handling of empty rows in the sticky logic- Improvement: Add loading indicator in account modal for all actions- Improvement: Correctly open account modal when trigger is in offcanvas
22 May 2022 - Version 1.8.32 NULLED
Improvement: Sync for row shrink in sticky header
15 May 2022 - Version 1.8.31 NULLED
Improvement: General fixes and improvements
12 May 2022 - Version 1.8.30 NULLED
Improvement: General fixes and improvements
28 Apr 2022 - Version 1.8.27 NULLED
Improvement: General fixes and improvements
11 Apr 2022 - Version 1.8.25 NULLED
- Improvement: Solidify usage of classes from Blocksy theme- Improvement: More robust widgets handling in options importer
10 Apr 2022 - Version 1.8.24 NULLED
Improvement: General fixes and improvements
01 Apr 2022 - Version 1.8.22 NULLED
Fix: Blocksy posts shortcode respect pagination
04 Mar 2022 - Version 1.8.20 NULLED
- Fix: Header row shrink does not work when set to boxed layout- Fix: Cookies consent modal tabindex issue
22 Feb 2022 - Version 1.8.19 NULLED
- Improvement: Do not load all users in conditions to avoid memory limit hits- Improvement: Remove focus lock from cookies consent popup
20 Feb 2022 - Version 1.8.18 NULLED
- Improvement: Account modal better compatibility with All In One WP Security plugin- Improvement: Cookies consent popup focus lock- Improvement: Integration with CAPTCHA 4WP in account modal
09 Jan 2022 - Version 1.8.16 NULLED
- Improvement: Handle account modal opened from offcanvas menu- Improvement: Login modal markup improvements- Improvement: Quote widget avatar image output
28 Dec 2021 - Version 1.8.15 NULLED
Improvement: General fixes and improvements
26 Dec 2021 - Version 1.8.14 NULLED
Fix: Account modal correctly compute current page URL
22 Dec 2021 - Version 1.8.13 NULLED
Improvement: General fixes and improvements
29 Nov 2021 - Version NULLED
- Improvement: Account modal add nonce check for login, lostpassword and register forms- Improvement: A11Y - title markup for header SVG icons
21 Nov 2021 - Version NULLED
Improvement: Better calculation for logo shrink in sticky header
03 Nov 2021 - Version NULLED
- Improvement: Update plugin text domain from blc to blocksy-companion- Improvement: Product reviews extension add `rel="sponsored"` attribute option- Fix: Product Reviews title does not show up
27 Oct 2021 - Version NULLED
Improvement: General fixes and improvements
13 Oct 2021 - Version
Improvement: Account header element aria-label attribute
01 Oct 2021 - Version
- New: Trending posts module title option to change wrapper tag
11 Sep 2021 - Version
- New: Product reviews extension add Review Entity option
04 Sep 2021 - Version
Improvement: Proper image attachment id default
21 Aug 2021 - Version 1.8.8
- New: Random order for posts widget- Fix: Trending module products category source- Fix: Header account items label position- Fix: WP Optimize clean caches correctly
09 Aug 2021 - Version
- Improvement: General fixes and improvements
03 Aug 2021 - Version
- Improvement: General fixes and improvements
02 Aug 2021 - Version
- Improvement: General fixes and improvements
30 Jul 2021 - Version
- Improvement: Properly compute current url for lazy loaded account html
27 Jul 2021 - Version
- Improvement: General fixes and improvements
27 Jun 2021 - Version
14 Jun 2021 - Version
25 Feb 2021 - Version 1.7.59
09 Feb 2021 - Version 1.7.56
01 Jan 2021 - Version 1.7.44
28 Dec 2020 - Version 1.7.43
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