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Version: 1.8.3 NULLED

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27 Feb 2024 - Version 1.8.3 NULLED
15 Jan 2024 - Version 1.8.2 NULLED
14 Jan 2024 - Version 1.8.1 NULLED
14 Jan 2024 - Version 1.8.0 NULLED
22 Dec 2023 - Version 1.7.16 NULLED
19 Aug 2023 - Version 1.7.15 NULLED
01 Jul 2023 - Version 1.7.14 NULLED
01 Sep 2022 - Version 1.7.0
* Dev   - Added Taxonomy Numeric type of filter* Fix   - Improved compatibility with SEO plugins in WordPress Multisite mode* Tweak - Reduced Chips size* Tweak - Added support of shortcodes to SEO Rules
15 Aug 2022 - Version 1.6.9
Fixed problem with annoying message about plugin update when new version is the same as current
12 Aug 2022 - Version 1.6.8
* Dev   - Ability to change mobile breakpoint in one code line* Dev   - Added Czech translation* Fix   - Fixed compatibility issue with the Brizy page builder* Tweak - Changed the Reset button color to inactive
08 Aug 2022 - Version 1.6.6
* Dev   - Automatic updates for the PRO version of the plugin* Fix   - Fixed Tax and Meta queries for WooCommerce product variations. Some WooCommerce queries have empty 'wc_query' value* Fix   - Fixed problem with Post Meta Num terms if they are used for several post types* Fix   - Added translation for the "Select %s first" phrase.* Fix   - Fixed color for a filter arrow in dashboard that becomes white with Divi theme.* Fix   - Added additional check for the $screen variable to avoid errors on some customized WP dashboards* Fix   - Fixed compatibility issue with the Brizy page builder* Fix   - Fixed posts count problem with PostMeta and Author filters when they appears on the page twice in different Filer Sets* Fix   - Fixed compatibility issue with All In One SEO Pro* Fix   - Fixed problem with Select2 script in dashboard* Tweak - Replace makeNoticesDismissible() JS function with common event* Tweak - Added aria-label to select fields
24 May 2022 - Version 1.6.5
* Dev   - Updated WpManager->customParseRequest(); method for compatibility with WP 6.0* Fix   - Fixed bug with Grouped product prices and Custom Field Num filter* Fix   - Fixed compatibility issue with Yoast SEO Premium* Fix   - Fixed WP_Queries collecting algorithm to catch all queries
13 Apr 2022 - Version 1.6.4
* Dev   - added support SEO Rules for Elementor title widgets* Tweak - added A3 Lazy load support.* Fix   - Fixed bug with a filter dropdown in SEO Rule* Fix   - Fixed closed current children term* Fix   - Fixed bug with Custom Field Num prefix that contains "_" symbol at the beginning
02 Apr 2022 - Version 1.6.3
* Dev   - DELETED RUSSIAN TRANSLATION AT ALL BECAUSE OF AGGRESSIVE WAR IN UKRAINE* Dev   - Added Ukrainian translation* Tweak - Added tip tip to inactive greyed filters* Fix   - Fixed Sorting widget compatibility problems with Beaver Builder* Fix   - Fixed closed current children term* Fix   - Fixed notice in FiltersWidget.php when Hide empty filter selected* Fix   - Fixed bug with meta value 0 for Custom Field filter
16 Mar 2022 - Version 1.6.1
* Dev   - Added support for the Polylang plugin* Dev   - Added "no order" option for the 'Sort terms by' filter field* Tweak - Added hooks to display content in Filters widget* Tweak - Moved bottom controls into separate template to allow users override it* Fix   - Fixed small bug with filter prefixes* Fix   - Fixed validation for URL prefixes* Fix   - Fixed disappeared Pop-up widget on mobile when Apply button + redirect configured
10 Feb 2022 - Version 1.6.0
* Dev   - Added Include/Exclude options to a terms list* Dev   - Added ability to specify Parent filter to the current that provides step filtering* Tweak - Returned back the term matches to the current WP Queried object.* Tweak - Added support of brand images for Perfect Brands for WooCommerce plugin* Tweak - Improved situation with WPML when Filter Set is not translatable post type* Tweak - Added SQL comment to mark filtered SQL query* Tweak - Added before and after Filters widget actions* Tweak - Improved some option names and translations* Fix   - Fixed problem with hidden Range slider filter when terms are 0-0* Fix   - Fixed problem with 'isMetaValueSerialized' method* Fix   - Fixed problem with 0 count of parent tax term if it do not contain posts* Fix   - Fixed bug with "Hide empty Filters" option when "Empty Terms" has 'inital' value* Fix   - Fixed bug with Select2 undefined on some admin pages* Fix   - CSS issue with invisible Pop-up mobile widget when Filters widget was added as shortcode* Fix   - Fixed bug with port number in form URL for range filter
06 Jan 2022 - Version 1.5.1
* Dev   - Serious speed improvements for stores with a lot of variations* Fix   - Fixed bug 'uncaught TypeError: floor()' in PostMetaNumEntity.php
04 Jan 2022 - Version 1.5.0
* Dev   - Added "Apply button" mode to filtering* Dev   - Added ability to redirect filtering results to a page from any page* Tweak - Replaced filter order numbers with "move" icons
31 Dec 2021 - Version 1.4.9
Fix   - Fixed bug when new filters could not be added with WPML activated
23 Nov 2021 - Version 1.4.5
* Fix   - Fixed Select2 version compatibility problem on Filter Set and Filter Settings pages
07 Nov 2021 - Version 1.4.1
* Dev   - Improved performance by adding SQL queries caches* Dev   - Added support filtering values on any language (Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew and so on)* Fix - Fixed bug with Custom Field Num filter for non-product posts* Fix   - Fixed bug with AND logic for filters by hierarchical taxonomies* Fix   - Meta key Dropdown field was replaced with Input without suggestions due to performance issues* Fix   - Fixed Sorting Dropdown field for AJAX filtering* Fix   - Fixed bug with paginate links for comments* Fix   - Improved compatibility with the WP Query that already contains this term. "Term already in Query" check.* Tweak - Improved "Hide empty Terms" by adding new option "Hide in the initial Filter only"* Tweak - Added Russian translations
26 Oct 2021 - Version 1.4.0
* Dev   - Added search field to a filter* Dev   - Improved Pop-up filters widget design and behavior* Dev   - Added compatibility checkbox for Pop-up filters widget on mobile* Dev   - Added support of brand images for WooCommerce brand attributes* Dev   - Improved Custom Field Num filtering for product variations* Dev   - Improved Chips integration* Dev   - Improved filtering by variations. Added checkbox "Use for variations" to Custom Fields* Fix   - Fixed small issue with Polylang* Fix   - Fixed bug with paginate links in* Fix - Fixed bug with range slider values on filtering pages* Fix   - Removed 'user_trailingslashit' for 'get_post_type_archive_link' in 'getCommonLocationTerms' method* Tweak - Improved chips design to make them more lightweight* Tweak - Added ability to translate stock status terms* Tweak - Improved behavior of the "Hide empty terms" feature - now it always hide empty terms* Tweak - Added pjax compatibility
06 Oct 2021 - Version 1.3.0
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