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Force SSL HTTPS Everywhere for Opencart v3.x

  • + Forces SSL HTTPS Admin & Storefronts
  • + Increases SEO Rank With SSL https://
  • + Eliminates Insecure Duplicate URL's
  • + Increases Trust & Security with HSTS
  • + Protects Sensitive API's & User Input
  • + Repairs SSL Insecure Mixed Content
  • + Secures Links, Media, & src=
  • + Supports Opencart 3+
  • + Made in the USA by

Opencart Force SSL Everywhere enables support for HTTPS on admin, catalog, content, media, and more. Using forced HTTPS on every page increases security by encrypting incoming/outgoing traffic, and adds SEO power by providing 301/307 HTTPS redirect ranking signals. When your storefronts run secure, users feel more trust, hacking attempts are reduced, and Google is more apt to rank your domains.

This Opencart OCMOD extension is production ready, and has been tested to work great with the latest Opencart v3.x +. Our work is based on the original Opencart HTTPS Everywhere VQMod we designed for versions 1.5.5 to, which still powers many production storefronts. The latest HTTPS everywhere for Opencart 3+ uses the same vetted concepts, but uses OCMOD and has been optimized with performance, efficiency, and ease of use in mind.


  • Compatible with Opencart v3.x +, designed for performance and ease of use.
  • Opencart SSL Everywhere integration that Google SEO algorithms can understand.
  • Opencart HTTPS secures and protects by encrypting data sent/received to you & your customers.
  • Enables on-demand Opencart forced HTTPS admin & multi-stores.
  • SEO 301 HTTPS redirects avoid duplicate Opencart index issues.
  • HSTS 307 HTTPS redirect enforces a modern SSL security policy.
  • Includes relative url SSL repairs for existing media, content, and more.
  • Includes relative url SSL repairs for admin file manager media inclusions.
  • Includes real time SSL repairs for menus, lists, and $this->url->link() internal code.
  • Recursive measures to solve all SSL issues in all API/Extensions with HSTS.
  • Single OCMOD file, no core files included or overwritten.
  • Starts when Opencart loads the encryption library, for maximum protection.
  • Production ready codebase, based on code updated & optimized since 2014.
  • Multistore compatible. Works with all extensions.
  • No license codes (subject to change).
  • Made in the USA.


  • Opencart version 3.x or greater. (Older 1.5.5+ available here)
  • A fully functional SSL certificate for every domain you need to secure.
  • Optional Cloudflare frontend to protect and hide your server.
  • Patience, since sometimes SSL doesnt act as expected in all environments.
  • Please contact us at [email protected] with any emergencies/issues/requests.


General & advanced SSL settings are available per-storefront by visiting System > Settings, then using the new "SSL" tab. To adjust admin SSL settings, please visit the "Default" storefront "SSL" tab.

SSL Storefront 301 Demo:

Demo 301 Storefront -

SSL + HSTS Storefront 307 Demo:

Demo 307 Storefront -

SSL Admin Demo:

Demo Admin -

Login: demo | password123

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