Gravity Perks Entry Blocks - V1.0-alpha-2.25

Version: 1.0-alpha-2.25

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13 Jul 2023 - Version 1.0-alpha-2.25
09 May 2023 - Version 1.0-alpha-2.19
23 Apr 2023 - Version 1.0-alpha-2.18
16 Mar 2023 - Version 1.0-alpha-2.12
- Fixed issue where the Filters block would retain default values for choice-based fields as well as fields with multiple inputs.- Improved compatibility with GP Limit Dates by disabling the limiting of dates for date fields in the Filters block.- Fixed issue where the Filters block would not work with forms with GP Page Transitions enabled.- Added [gpeb_cleaned_current_url]( filter to allow filtering the current URL after it has been cleaned.- Fixed issue where using the Filters block to filter by fields that have a unique `$field->get_value_save_entry()` method would not work correctly.
20 Oct 2022 - Version 1.0-alpha-2.4
Added new [`gpeb_edit_confirmation`]( PHP filter hook.
16 Sep 2022 - Version 1.0-alpha-2.3
- Added new `gpeb_edit_form`, `gpeb_edit_form_field`, and `gpeb_edit_form_entry` PHP filter hooks.- Added support for parsing merge tags in the "No Entries Found" message.- Added new `gpeb_edit_link`, `gpeb_delete_link`, and `gpeb_view_link` filter hooks.
09 Sep 2022 - Version 1.0-alpha-2.2
Removed Save and Continue button when editing entries using the Edit Form block.
16 Aug 2022 - Version 1.0-alpha-2.1
- Improved support for using multiple Entries blocks on a post and editing/viewing. Now, if editing/viewing on a post with multiple entry blocks, the other blocks will not show rather than showing "Oops! We can't locate that entry."- Removed multi-input fields from the order by setting for the Entry Query as it is not supported by `GF_Query`. Selected a specific input of the field is required for ordering.- Added new Sorting Input setting for Summary Columns in the Entries Table block. The setting is available for fields with multiple inputs such as the Name field.
21 Jul 2022 - Version 1.0-alpha-2
- Added new `GP_Entry_Blocks\GF_Queryer::attach_to_current_block()` method for getting the current block being rendered to determine things like if the entry is being edited. Example: `GP_Entry_Blocks\GF_Queryer::attach_to_current_block()->is_edit_entry()`- Added ability to change the No Entries Found message for the Entries Table and Entries Loop blocks. To improve consistency, the Edit Form block's Edit Confirmation has been moved into a panel named "Messages."
14 Jul 2022 - Version 1.0-alpha-1.14
- Added ability to use registered Entry Meta as Summary Columns in the Entries Table block.- Added IP, Payment Method, Payment Status, Status, and Transaction ID as available properties to use in the Entry Query filters.- Added Date Created, Date Updated, Payment Status, Payment Method, Transaction ID, IP, and Created By as available Summary Columns in the Entries Table block.- Added new `gpeb_loop_entry_content` PHP filter with default filters for replacing merge tags and auto oEmbed.- Fixed issue where Edit Form confirmation setting would not work correctly if the Entries block is rendered using a Reusable Block.
08 Jul 2022 - Version 1.0-alpha-1.13
- Improved compatibility with File Upload fields when editing entries.- Added new [`gpeb_delete_entry`]( and [`gpeb_trash_entry`]( actions.- Added a check to Entries blocks that will ensure that the form is active and not trashed prior to displaying entries.- Fixed Post Category fields not always properly re-populating in the Edit Form block.
30 Jun 2022 - Version 1.0-alpha-1.12
Fixed issue where the Entries Limit setting would revert to the default after reloading the Block Editor.
17 Jun 2022 - Version 1.0-alpha-1.11
Fixed issue where HTTPS was not properly detected in some cases which would cause the Edit/View/Delete links to redirect from HTTPS to HTTP.
03 Jun 2022 - Version 1.0-alpha-1.10
- Improved compatibility with GP Read Only by preventing Filter fields from being read only.- Fixed Signature fields not showing their existing signature when entries are being edited.
20 May 2022 - Version 1.0-alpha-1.9
- Fixed an issue where duplicating Entries blocks could result in the UUID set in the block's context to also be duplicated which would cause the same filters to be used for the block that was duplicated- Added a guard against http:// being automatically prepended before merge tags inside links. The replacement will happen on the frontend when the block is rendered.
08 May 2022 - Version 1.0-alpha-1.7
- Added support by searching for full names in name fields with the Filters block.- Improved compatibility with older versions of PHP.
28 Apr 2022 - Version 1.0-alpha-1.6
Fixed issue where Filters block failed to redirect to filtered view.
23 Apr 2022 - Version 1.0-alpha-1.5
- Fixed issue where ReCAPTCHA fields would intefere with the Filters block.- Fixed issue where conditional logic was incorrectly applied to fields in the Filters block.
08 Apr 2022 - Version 1.0-alpha-1.4
- Added support for filtering by checkboxes. Selected checkboxes will be treated as `OR`'s rather than `AND`'s.- Added new "Search All" filter field type to the Filters block.
31 Mar 2022 - Version 1.0-alpha-1.3
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