Groovy Mega Menu - Responsive Mega Menu Plugin for WordPress - V2.6.3

Version: 2.6.3

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20 Feb 2022 - Version 2.6.3
* Fix: Minimalistic menu bug with submenu gap on iOS.* Fix: Bug with Expanding sidebar right side on MacOS/iOS in Chrome browser.
12 Feb 2022 - Version 2.6.2
* Fix: Show desktop version of $gm_main_menu_actions_button_first & $gm_main_menu_actions_button_last even if there are no action buttons.* Fix: Fixed fadeout animation for close dropdown event that before missed in 2.x version.* Fix: Fixed bug when background for dropdowns couldn't be set under "Appearance > Menus > Groovy menu item options > Background image for next level dropdown".* Fix: Fixed a look of popup of featured image beside dropdowns.* Fix: Broken view of menu in preset preview has been fixed.
27 Dec 2021 - Version
HotFix: Additional menu Dropdown appearance style.
25 Dec 2021 - Version 2.6.1
* Add: Option for additional menu that allow to show submenu on click or hover.* Add: Added option to set own font for additional menu.* Add: Added compatibility with Bricks page builder.* Fix: Error Message deprecated $render_slug on PHP 8+
05 Dec 2021 - Version 2.6.0
* Improve: The plugin has been highly optimized, the size of the main frontend.js file has been reduced by more than 3 times.* Fix: Fixed display of mobile hamburger in some cases.
27 Nov 2021 - Version 2.5.12
* Add: Added the ability to display the "X" icon for closing the menu for the mobile version, without using the "Animated Hamburger menu" setting.* Add: New feature for displaying the close icon "X" of the menu for the desktop version of Minimalistic style.* Add: New setting for vertical positioning of menu items in the desktop Minimalistic style "Menu list alignment".* Add: New setting for mobile positioning of menu items in the horizontal plane "Menu items horizontal Align".* Fix: Now in the desktop the Minimalistic style submenu matches the width of the setting in "General > Submenu > Submenu width".
15 Nov 2021 - Version 2.5.11
* Fix: Fixed logic for choosing one active menu integration under the integrations section.* Fix: Determinated and fixed a bug with incorect working of background image on iOS devices with active option "background-size: cover".* Fix: Fixed bug with some sub-menu opening on iPad.
06 Nov 2021 - Version
30 Oct 2021 - Version 2.5.10
Fix: Fixed a bug that prevented Visual Composer can't load the front-end CSS & JS for menu_block.
24 Oct 2021 - Version 2.5.9
* Add: Added new options for submenu opening as "On click" that allow opening submenus only at click on the caret.* Add: New options for "Shadow settings" for choice shadow styles and colors.* Add: Added a feature to import and update existing presets.* Fix: "Menu shadow" and "Submenu shadow" settings now also work for vertical menu types.* Fix: Fixed a bug that appeared when submenus of the second and next levels with custom width and Menu Block are off screen.* Fix: Bug when the vertical submenu of the third level was higher than other submenus.* Fix: Fixed a bug that prevented Visual Composer from loading the front-end builder for menu_block.
09 Oct 2021 - Version 2.5.8
* Add: For Actions in the Custom Code section, a new feature "visibility" has been added, which sets the rule for displaying "custom" on mobile, desktop or both versions.* Add: Now it is possible to separately specify the color of Hover and Active menu items.* Add: Added "Fixed" option for Badges position.* Fix: Bug with two "X" icons in mobile when Fullwidth with "Animated hamburger" together with enabled "Allow Float" toggle.
01 Oct 2021 - Version 2.5.7
* Add: New option "Styles> Colors> Top level hover and active link background" for Sidebar & Expanded sidebar menu types.* Add: New option for menu items in Appearance> Menus> Groovy menu item options. "Prevent dropdown auto close on "mouse leave" event". Useful if menu item has a contact form widget in the dropdown.* Add: New option "Hide menu item and its content on mobile", which can be set in Appearance> Menus> Groovy menu item options* Add: A button on the Welcome page "Update license data" that will help you update your license data.* Fix: Bug with "Expired license" notification* Fix: Fixed some styles for Additional Menu
06 Sep 2021 - Version 2.5.6
* Fix: Fixed some styles for Fullscreen Minimalistic menu type, when the "Organize fullscreen menu items into columns" toggle enabled.* Fix: A non-breaking space is now inserted for menu items whose title is hidden with a dash "-"
31 Aug 2021 - Version 2.5.4
* Add: New option "Show hamburger menu only" for Minimalistic menu type.* Add: New feature "Organize fullscreen menu items into columns" when Minimalistic menu type "Fullscreen menu" is enabled.* Fix: Fixed bug with the incorrect position of the menu, when the search and mini-basket icons are disabled.* Fix: Drawer auto-closing now works by click on the anchor links in minimalistic style.* Fix: The incorrect appearance of added custom code in preview mode.
31 Jul 2021 - Version 2.5.3
* Add: Added a setting to enable the preloader "General settings > Enable preloader of the menu".* Fix: Submenu caret size for second and lower levels
07 Apr 2021 - Version 2.4.12
21 Feb 2021 - Version 2.4.8
02 Jan 2021 - Version 2.4.2
09 Dec 2020 - Version
05 Dec 2020 - Version 2.4.0
29 Nov 2020 - Version 2.3.10
10 Oct 2020 - Version
20 Sep 2020 - Version 2.3.0
10 Sep 2020 - Version 2.2.13
05 Sep 2020 - Version
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