Instagram Feed Pro (By Smash Balloon)- The #1 highest rated Instagram feed plugin for WordPress - V6.3.3

Version: 6.3.3

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13 Nov 2023 - Version 6.3.3
18 Sep 2022 - Version 6.1.1
* Tweak: Updated API requests for the tagged feeds to include timestamps for better sorting of tagged and mixed feeds that use tagged posts.* Tweak: Deleting all platform data will also delete any connected sources.* Fix: Fixed line breaks causing the caption character limit to be shorter than was indicated.* Fix: Fixed posts missing in the customizer when using moderation mode under some circumstances.* Fix: Fixed an error that would cause shoppable feeds not to use custom urls set in the customizer.* Fix: Fixed custom header text not updating on the front end when using the new text header.* Fix: PHP error that would occur when trying to use the new Instagram Feed Divi block with the Divi Builder plugin and PHP version 7.3 or lower.
10 Aug 2022 - Version 6.1.0
* New: Introducing our new Feed Templates feature! You can now select a feed template when creating a feed to make it much quicker and easier to get started with the type of feed you want to display. Selecting a template preconfigures the feed customization settings to match that template, saving you time and effort.* New: Added a Post Style setting which allows you to add a boxed style to your posts, with a background color, border radius, and box shadow.* New: Added a new custom text header option, so you can now add custom text to the header for your feed.* New: Add a header image and bio text for personal sources. Go to the settings page and click on the gear icon to add this to an existing source.* New: Elementor and Divi Builder widgets. We've added new Elementor and Divi Builder widgets to make it easier to embed your feeds.* Tweak: If WordPress cron is not working, the plugin will automatically fall back to updating caches when the feed loads.* Tweak: When installing Instagram Feed Pro for the first time, encryption keys and salts will automatically be added to your wp-config.php file.* Fix: For captions with emoji, the maximum text length setting would be inaccurate.* Fix: Auto load more on scroll setting was not working for new feeds.* Fix: The number of posts would be inaccurate in the feed preview when using the customizer for mobile devices.* Fix: All sources would be removed when the grace period to address app permission issues ended. Now only the single source will be removed.* Fix: Several improvements to moderation mode and pagination were made.
06 May 2022 - Version 6.0.6
* Fix: When using the shoppable feeds feature, trying to view the second page of posts in the customizer would not work.* Fix: Only the first 20 sources were available when creating feeds and changing sources for a feed.* Fix: Admin notices from other plugins would display on the Instagram Feeds pages when a notification for Instagram Feed was available.
23 Apr 2022 - Version 6.0.5
* Tweak: Several improvements to moderation mode. Show moderated posts only, improved pagination, and improved how far back in the feed's history posts can be moderated.* Tweak: Removed the setting to filter for Instagram Live as this is no longer supported by Instagram.* Fix: Posts on the "allow list" would stop displaying if there were a lot of newer posts from the source that were not in the allow list.* Fix: Fixed the customizer sidebar being hidden when JetPack's Master Bar feature was enabled.* Fix: Added back support for the "class" shortcode setting for all feeds.* Fix: Only the first 20 sources were available when creating feeds and changing sources for a feed.* Fix: The carousel layout was not showing the proper number of posts when there was a different number of posts for mobile and desktop.
04 Mar 2022 - Version 6.0.4
* Tweak: After clearing the cache for a hashtag feed, the plugin will now also try to get older posts for that feed using a different API method.* Tweak: Removed sorting by "likes" for hashtag feeds as sorting by likes is unreliable for this feed type due to limitations of the Instagram API.* Tweak: You can now have up to 10 columns for feeds displayed on mobile devices.* Fix: Switching the source for a feed would sometimes result in posts from the previous source being added to the feed.* Fix: Fixed an issue where our Social Wall plugin was not showing all available Instagram sources.* Fix: Pagination for showing more than 20 feeds was not displaying on the "All Feeds" page.* Fix: An error would not display if a connected business account had reached the 30 day limit for new hashtag feeds.* Fix: Backup method of retrieving video thumbnails was not working in all circumstances.* Fix: Dashboard notices were displaying when customizing a feed.* Fix: Added support for the shortcode "mediavine=true" to trigger our Media Vine integration features.
12 Feb 2022 - Version 6.0.2
* Fix: Re-added button to reset the error log on the settings page, "Advanced" tab.* Fix: Fixed some settings for the carousel which were not applying on the frontend of the site.* Fix: Fixed PHP warning "Headers already sent" that would appear when customizing a theme in some circumstances.* Fix: Made several improvements to cache clearing.
05 Feb 2022 - Version 6.0
* Important: Minimum supported WordPress version has been raised from 3.5 to 4.1.* New: Our biggest update ever! We've completely redesigned the plugin settings from head to toe to make it easier to create, manage, and customize your Instagram feeds.* New: All your feeds are now displayed in one place on the "All Feeds" page. This shows a list of any existing (legacy) feeds and any new ones that you create. Note: If you updated from a version prior to v5.11 then you may need to view your feeds on your webpage so that the plugin can locate them and list them here.* New: Easily edit individual feed settings for new feeds instead of cumbersome shortcode options.* New: It's now much easier to create feeds. Just click "Add New", select your feed type, connect your account, and you're done!* New: Brand new feed customizer. We've completely redesigned feed customization from the ground up, reorganizing the settings to make them easier to find.* New: Live Feed Preview. You can now see changes you make to your feeds in real time, right in the settings page. Easily preview them on desktop, tablet, and mobile sizes.* New: Color Scheme option. It's now easier than ever to change colors across your feed without needing to adjust individual color settings. Just set a color scheme to effortlessly change colors across your entire feed.* New: We've improved our Shoppable Feeds feature to allow you to easily add custom links for each Instagram post within the new feed customizer. Just go to Settings > Shoppable Feeds inside the feed editor.* New: You can now change the number of columns in your feed across desktop, tablet, and mobile.* New: Easily import and export feed settings to make it simple to move feeds across sites.
05 Jan 2022 - Version 5.12.9
* Fix: Added a content type to JSON responses to improve reliability for loading more posts and creating local images.* Fix: The plugin will no longer continue to attempt to connect to the Instagram API if there is an access token encryption error.* Fix: Could not load more posts when using moderation mode.* Fix: Fixed a PHP error that would occur when trying to retrieve new posts for hashtag feeds.
16 Dec 2021 - Version 5.12.8
* Tweak: Added a warning if the access token could not be decrypted for use in API requests.* Tweak: Added a fallback method to reach the Instagram API if a cURL error 6 error is detected.* Fix: Fixed an issue with connecting an additional business account if the first account listed was not selected.
24 Nov 2021 - Version 5.12.7
* Tweak: Shortened captions will end on the last full word to fix an issue with emoji in captions.* Fix: Fixed several accessibility issues in the admin area.* Fix: Made a significant number of code quality improvements.* Fix: Fixed a PHP warning that would occur when loading posts with AJAX initially.* Fix: Periods and underscores in usernames when used as part of the shortcode would cause the load more button not to work.
14 Nov 2021 - Version 5.12.6
* Fix: Using showheader="true" in the shortcode would not work if the related setting was disabled on the settings page.* Fix: Added additional plugin hardening.
22 Oct 2021 - Version 5.12.5
Tweak: Error reporting notices are now only displayed if there is an issue with the primary API request, rather than secondary ones such as retrieving stories.
16 Oct 2021 - Version 5.12.4
* Tweak: All Instagram data is now encrypted in your WordPress database.* Tweak: Access Tokens are no longer able to be viewed on the settings page.* Tweak: Added a maximum caching time of 24 hours.* Tweak: Added an expiration time to backup caches.* Tweak: Deauthorizing our app inside your Instagram or Facebook account will now delete all data for that feed on your site.
07 Oct 2021 - Version 5.12.3
* Fix: Lowered the number of posts retrieved in a single API request when getting older recent hashtag posts to fix API Error 1.* Fix: When using the GDPR consent feature, the avatar in the header would not display even after consent was given.* Fix: Added a workaround to fix some errors that would prevent local images from being resized and stored.* Fix: Fixed duplicate MySQL queries issue when checking for the resized images table.* Fix: Fixed a compatibility issue with the Complianz Cookie Consent plugin integration.* Fix: Fixed a compatibility issue with the Web Toffee GDPR Cookie Consent plugin integration.
06 Aug 2021 - Version 5.12.2
* Tested with WordPress 5.8 update.* Fix: PHP error "Uncaught Error: array_merge() does not accept unknown named parameters" when visiting the "About" page using PHP 8+.* Fix: About page was not recognizing that YouTube Feeds Pro was installed and active when prompting the user to activate a YouTube Feed plugin.* Fix: Workaround added for some instances of hashtag feeds causing an API error 'API error 1: An unknown error has occurred'.
25 Feb 2021 - Version
01 Nov 2020 - Version 5.8.4
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