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Version: 1.7.12 NULLED

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03 Jun 2022 - Version 1.7.12 NULLED
* Fix: Link style in dynamic list block.* Fix: Autoplay speed.
01 Jun 2022 - Version 1.7.11 NULLED
* Add: Add option for auto scroll carousel.* Fix: Issues with dynamic content not pulling in context.* Fix: Issue with dynamic galleries and thumbnails.* Fix: Issue with slow scrolling carousel.
08 May 2022 - Version 1.7.10 NULLED
* Update: By default force sticky posts to not increase the posts per page when using post grid without pagination.* Update: Option to disable link on title in post grid block.* Fix: Issue with form entries search.* Fix: Issue with animate on scroll when below a carousel.* Fix: Issue with inline dynamic content not showing meta field options.* Fix: Issue with relationship ACF field where return is an object.* Fix: Issue with dynamic galleries in columns.* Fix: Issue with form entries meta not being removed correctly when entry is deleted.
06 May 2022 - Version 1.7.9 NULLED
Fix: Issue with carousel not loading with async.
23 Apr 2022 - Version 1.7.8 NULLED
* Add: Dynamic HTML Block.* Add: Relationship Dynamic Content Options.* Add: Filter to optionally enable dynamic content for password protected posts.* Update: Splide js.* Fix: Issue with Typography component not saving.* Fix: Issue with dynamic gallery using slider type.
18 Apr 2022 - Version 1.7.7 NULLED
* Fix: Issue with post grid padding when only one direction set in mobile and tablet.* Fix: Issue with autoplaying carousels in tabs.* Fix: Issue with portfolio grid block pagination.
16 Apr 2022 - Version 1.7.6 NULLED
* Add: BoxShadow controls to modal block link.* Update: Modal block with option to hide popup content when block is not selected.* Fix: ACF checkboxes not showing highlighted in custom post meta for dynamic list.* Fix: Issue with Advanced Slider Inner Max Width.* Fix: Issue with carousel in tabs.* Fix: Issue with modal link icon when using em units.
12 Apr 2022 - Version 1.7.5
* Fix: Carousel Order being one off once rendered.* Fix: Autoplay always one in post grid carousel.
11 Apr 2022 - Version 1.7.4
* Update: Improve responsive settings selection when in widgets block editor.* Fix: Issue with ACF and Dynamic Gallery.* Fix: Issue were portfolio carousel block and product carousel block on the same page created a conflict* Fix: Issue with post grid carousel, autoplay, gap settings and missing styles.
10 Apr 2022 - Version 1.7.3
* Fix: Issue with meta font size in post grid block.* Fix: Issue with content padding and background in post grid block.
12 Feb 2022 - Version 1.6.1
* Add: Option to clear animation settings.* Tweak: Possible issue with taxonomies.* Fix: Issue with dynamic fallback image in image block.
16 Jan 2022 - Version 1.6.0
* Add: taxonomy as a conditional display option.* Update: Dynamic content for image block.* Update: Add more Image ratio options for post and portfolio grid.* Fix: Conditionally display controls.
29 Dec 2021 - Version 1.5.11
* Update: Prevent split content block from showing broken if advanced heading disabled.* Fix: issue with animate on scroll loading in sidebar.* Fix: Issue with modal and section not showing dynamic content correctly archive.
22 Dec 2021 - Version 1.5.10
Fix: issue with dynamic content src archive description adding extra paragraph tag.
10 Dec 2021 - Version 1.5.7
* Update: Tweak some javascript around animation on scroll.* Update: API Class.* Update: Dynamic Content filters, better context control.* Update: Image overlay link field with clear link option.* Update: Split Content block cover image when text is larger then min-height setting.* Update: CSS specificity with post grid title color.* Update: MailChimp API requests item limit.
08 Nov 2021 - Version 1.5.6
* Add: Aria Label option to video popup.* Add: Mapping for fields for Webhook.* Add: Post Grid title hover color option.* Fix: Thumbnail gallery load layout shift.* Fix: Issue with Image overlay. * Fix: Issue with post grid selecting by custom taxonomy.* Fix: Issue with product carousel individual select.
14 Oct 2021 - Version 1.5.5
* Update: Dynamic content to work better in query block.* Fix: Modal z index.* Fix: Issue with color picker in some blocks.* Fix: IP address issue in entries.
12 Sep 2021 - Version 1.5.4
* Add: Mailchimp tag support.* Fix: Hex color input.* Fix: ACF Site Options.
05 Sep 2021 - Version 1.5.3
* Update: Video Pop dynamic image.* Fix: Individual select for post grid.
27 Aug 2021 - Version 1.5.1
* Add: Text transform control to image overlay.* Add: Max width to image overlay.* Add: Basic Responsive support for split content in editor.* Update: Automatically exclude current post in post blocks.* Update: in Element preview with latest post using dynamic content.* Fix: issue with split content overlap.* Fix: Overlay color opacity select.* Fix: Post Block issue with google fonts when added to a sidebar.* Fix: Issue with widget screen.* Fix: Issue with post grid carousel in tabs.
26 Jul 2021 - Version 1.4.33, v2.1.1
* Update: Split content image link settings.* Fix: Modal button border-radius setting.* Fix: Activation issue.
18 Jun 2021 - Version 2.0.8
28 May 2021 - Version 1.4.33
27 Apr 2021 - Version 1.4.30
09 Mar 2021 - Version 1.4.26
01 Mar 2021 - Version 1.4.25
01 Feb 2021 - Version 1.4.23
16 Jan 2021 - Version 1.4.21
11 Jan 2021 - Version 1.4.18
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