MinimogWP – The High Converting eCommerce WordPress Theme - V3.2.0

Version: 3.2.0

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28 Feb 2024 - Version 3.2.0
31 Jan 2024 - Version 3.1.0
14 Jan 2024 - Version 2.10.0
26 Dec 2023 - Version 2.9.11
23 Dec 2023 - Version 2.9.10
16 Oct 2023 - Version 2.9.4
29 Aug 2023 - Version 2.9.2
07 Aug 2023 - Version 2.9.0
04 Aug 2023 - Version 2.8.8
22 May 2023 - Version 2.7.3
14 May 2023 - Version 2.7.0
03 May 2023 - Version 2.6.1
18 Apr 2023 - Version 2.5.9
07 Dec 2022 - Version 2.0.0
- Added:new demo Coachella BFCM demo demo header style header icon header options allows adjust form header option allows show header icon as text on title bar style Fill 01. Support show product description, product product loop style widget Product Brands layout as grid for product categories on shop catalog and category WP Widget Filter by stock allow narrow down the list of products by product stock status.- Updated:Improvement out-of-stock product style.Improvement header sticky UX.Improvement product categories grid metro.Improvement product variable price display.Tweak single product brand styling.Tweak product categories on shop catalog and category page.Allows product size guide can build with Elementor.Insight Core plugin v.2.4.12Multi Currency for WooCommerce plugin v.2.2.1Sales Countdown Timer plugin v.1.0.7WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce v.4.5.1WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce v.5.3.4WPC Smart Notification for WooCommerce v.2.2.0WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce v.6.6.3WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce v.4.5.2WPC Product Tabs for WooCommerce v.2.0.4Revolution slider plugin v.6.6.7- Fixed:minor style of checkout payment when no payments set.minor style of Recent Comment widget.hide tooltip of add to cart button in compare quick table.Breadcrumb color settings not apply.Insight Swatches term link can't selected with non-english case.
08 Nov 2022 - Version 1.10.2
- Updated:out-date Woocommerce templates.Tested up with Compare plugin v.5.3.0Tested up with WordPress v.6.1.0- Fixed:minor style product trusted badge.product loop style 08 show both add to cart buttons on list view.
04 Nov 2022 - Version 1.10.1
- Added:new action hook: minimog/cart_drawer/cart_header/beforenew action hook: minimog/cart_drawer/cart_header/after- Updated:WPC Product Tabs for WooCommerce v.2.0.3Improvement French translation.Improvement Shop UX. Scroll to top of grid after pagination number changed.Tested up with hCaptcha for WordPress plugin v.2.0.0- Fixed:Compatible with Leopard - WordPress offload media plugin.Theme Options sidebar list empty on Site Ground.
21 Oct 2022 - Version 1.9.10
- Updated:Improvement cart free shipping label.Improvement Product Tags Layered Nav widget.Improvement collapse widget on filtering.- Fixed:Mobile detect conflict with 3rd plugins.Size chart show empty table row.
30 Sep 2022 - Version 1.9.7
- Updated:Compatible with YITH WooCommerce Points and Rewards.Improvement Cart total coupon UI.Improvement Megamog style.Improvement Language Switcher style by Polylang.- Fixed:Variation selected clear link not showing on some case.Fix breadcrumb path not show properly with Rank Math plugin.Add to cart action + quantity update action for WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency.single product review link.
19 Sep 2022 - Version 1.9.2
- Added:Turkish translation.Replace product variable price with active variation price.- Fixed:Currency switcher style.Product images gallery not working properly with loop.Improvement product loop category nested terms.Improvement scrolling on mobile devices.Improvement site performance.Improvement image lazy loading.Improvement live search with WPML.Improvement product custom tabs with WPML.Improvement scrollbar style in RTL version.Out-date Woocommerce template.
11 Sep 2022 - Version 1.9.1
- Added:New setting allow hide Customer Note in cart page.- Updated:Disabled product image hover on mobile for better UX.Improvement product stock display.Improvement product images gallery UX.Improvement breadcrumb nested terms.Change register page link when register modal disable.- Fixed:Compatible with WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency pluginImprovement translations.
31 Aug 2022 - Version 1.9.0
- Added:new filter hook to add custom fonts: minimog/fonts/additional_fontsnew action hook: minimog/modal_user_login/before_form_submitnew action hook: minimog/modal_user_login/after_form_submitsetting show min price in category for Product Categories Carousel widget & Product Categories Grid widget.Icon Box widget allows using image as option allow sort by order for Product Categories widgetsnew setting allow show Language Switcher in mobile menu.big improvement for Promo Popup feature.add selection single mode option for Product Attribute Layered Nav widget.- Updated:Mobile tab wishlist icon same as header.Compatible with Lumise pluginCompatible with Woocommerce Payments plugin.Improvement carousel/slider widgets.Improvement admin Widgets settings UX/UIImprovement checkout payment icon.- Fixed:Variation image on reset.Product attribute swatches label not show translate properly.Third party plugin scripts can't load properly.
13 Aug 2022 - Version 1.8.4
- Fixed:WP Form plugin override validate text in Login form.Wrong theme version
13 Aug 2022 - Version 1.8.3
- Added:new translate for Cart Countdown setting allow change cart empty image.- Updated:Improvement wishlist style.Improvement UX: Close quick view modal when product adding to cart.Improvement UX: Close wishlist modal when product adding to cart.Improvement UX: Close quick view modal when product adding to wishlist.Improvement cart empty.
11 Aug 2022 - Version 1.8.2
- Added:new setting allow change star icon to heart icon for setting allow hide wishlist button on single product.- Updated:WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce v.4.3.0WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce v.6.3.6WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce v4.4.1WPC Product Tabs for WooCommerce v.1.6.3WPC Smart Notification for WooCommerce v.2.1.5Cart goal free shipping working for multi countries.Improvement Dokan single store breadcrumb text.- Fixed:widget tooltip cropped when off sidebar enable.
09 Aug 2022 - Version 1.8.1
- Added:new action hook "minimog/mobile_menu/components/before"new action hook "minimog/mobile_menu/components/after"- Updated:improvement popup search UX.Compatible with PHP 8.1- Fixed:product images variation not working properly with loop mode.
05 Aug 2022 - Version 1.8.0
- Added:new header layout header icon set.allow change wishlist icon star to heart.minimal header settings.improvement shop sidebar off-canvas.improvement product attribute layered setting for widgets collapsed by default.improvement single product with Paypal button.improvement live views product estimated shipping per hours.- Updated:WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce v.4.2.3WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce v.5.1.4WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce v.6.3.5Off-sidebar closed on a filter applied.add Sort option for Product Categories Layered Nav widget.improvement UI/UX for Product Categories widget.Filtering cache terms count to improvement performance.Product variation image changed on variation found without add variation images to gallery.- Fixed:Product images slider broken if image's title has double quotes chars.Mini Cart count not show properly when Litespeed cache plugin.product tabs not working properly with Polylang
21 Jul 2022 - Version 1.7.0
- Added:new hook for registration popup: minimog/modal_user_register/before_form_submitnew hook for registration popup: minimog/modal_user_register/after_form_submitAllows vendor registration on Register Popup. Working the same as Dokan plugin.- Updated:Frequently Bought Together plugin v.4.3.9Improvement checkout payment methods UX/UI.Improvement size chart module.- Fixed:Compatible with Woongkir plugin.Product bought together has problem with main product's button
15 Jul 2022 - Version 1.6.3
- Fixed:compatible with external images.improvement site performance.disable slider loop when product has only one feature image.product filter nav show wrong count.
12 Jul 2022 - Version 1.6.2
- Fixed:missing scroll to notice js function.product attributes layered filter is wrong.
09 Jul 2022 - Version 1.6.1
- Fixed:Optimize customize previewTheme Options style not working after 1.6.0
06 Jul 2022 - Version 1.6.0
- Updated:Insight Core plugin v.2.4.7Frequently Bought Together plugin v.4.3.7Product Bundles plugin v.6.3.4- Added:new Product Images widget for Product Title widget for Product Price widget for Product Short Description widget for Product Add To Cart widget for Product Live Visitors widget for Product Shipping widget for Product Meta widget for Product Data Tabs widget for Product Related widget for Product Upsell widget for Product Recent Viewed widget for Elementor.- Updated:Compatible with Elementor Pro product builder.Improvement page loading
29 Jun 2022 - Version 1.5.3
- Updated:Revolution Slider plugin 6.5.25- Fixed:off-sidebar open as default.add filter by comment type question in admin.external image not display properly.
23 Jun 2022 - Version 1.5.2
- Added:new option to hide view cart button in Cart option to hide Customer Notes modal in Cart option to hide Shipping Calculator modal in Cart option to hide Coupons modal in Cart Drawer.- Updated:Change shipping method Select Box to Radio Buttons to avoid third party broken.Improve off sidebar on window resizing.- Fixed:product category nav filter layered checkbox style.product category nav filter layered count.
17 Jun 2022 - Version 1.5.0
- Added:new homepage Speakernew homepage Christmasnew homepage Postcardnew homepage Black Friday Cyber Monday- Updated:WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce v.4.0.0WPC Smart Compare for WooCommerce v.5.0.0WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce v.6.3.3WPC Frequently Bought Together for WooCommerce v4.3.6WPC Product Tabs for WooCommerce v.1.6.2WPC Smart Notification for WooCommerce v.2.1.4- Fixed:product loop variation click jump now not redirect to checkout when ajax add to cart disabled.
12 Jun 2022 - Version 1.4.7
- Fixed:tab panel overlap when contain lot of images.checkout billing & shipping not updated after calculated.Improvement SEO and Accessibility.Import theme options wrong site url.
08 Jun 2022 - Version 1.4.6
- Fixed:PHP warning
05 Jun 2022 - Version 1.4.4
- Updated:Multi Currency for WooCommerce plugin v.2.1.36Revolution Slider plugin v.6.5.24- Fixed:Elementor widget Form brokenmissing Size Chart admin css.minor WP Forms style.Ajax search with begin 's' letter.Improvement Cart page.
02 Jun 2022 - Version 1.4.3
- Added:Add setting hide icon badges when empty on header, mobile tabs, popup search...- Updated:Compatible Woocommerce Gift Cards plugin.Compatible with WooCommerce TM Extra Product Options plugin.- Fixed:Single Product table style.
29 May 2022 - Version 1.4.2
- Added:Add setting allows Product Content display out of Data Tabs.- Fixed:Cart item thumbnail not showing on update.Product reviews pagination.
24 May 2022 - Version 1.4.1
- Updated:Insight Core plugin v.2.4.6Thememove Addons For Elementor plugin v.1.1.0Improvement site loading performance.- Fixed:Product List View styling.Product Video self-hosted upload.WPC Smart Notification style.
21 May 2022 - Version 1.4.0
- Updated:WPC Compare plugin v.4.4.3WPC Wishlist plugin v.3.0.2WPC Frequently Bought Together plugin v.4.3.1WPC Product Bundles plugin v.6.2.1WPC Product Tabs plugin v.1.6.1WPC Notification plugin v.2.1.2Multi Currency plugin v.2.1.35Improvement UI when product is sold individually.Hide Shipping Info for Virtual ProductTheme Options styling.- FixedImprovement Checkout Process.
17 May 2022 - Version 1.3.2
- Added:Add setting controls Shipping Estimated Delivery date format.Add setting hide Compare link on single product page.Add setting controls Who Can Post Product Question.Add setting controls Who Can Reply Product Question.- Updated:Optimized code.Improvement wishlist page style.- Fixed:Product Question link still show when this feature disabled.Product thumbnail width render huge in fly cart on some host.Product badge style in single product.Accordion widget in Tabs widget.
13 May 2022 - Version 1.3.1
- Added:Size Guide module- Updated:Simplify and Translatable for Shipping Estimated Delivery date.Display stock and low stock notice for Product Variation.Add option show Product Images Grid as Slider on mobile. Set by default.- Fixed:Checkout missing review order wc hooks.Fix theme options can't save on some servers.
12 May 2022 - Version 1.3.0
- Updated:WPC Compare plugin v.4.4.1WPC Wishlist plugin v.3.0.0WPC Frequently Bought Together plugin v.4.3.0WPC Product Bundles plugin v.6.2.0Tested up Woocommerce 6.5.0- Fixed:Grammar of Trust Badge Text
12 May 2022 - Version 1.2.4
- Updated:Insight Core plugin v.2.4.5Multi Currency for WooCommerce plugin v.2.1.33Revolution Slider plugin v.6.5.21- Added:Add share link via PinterestAdd share link via VKAdd share link via DiggAdd share link via RedditAdd share link via StumbleUponAdd share link via WhatsAppAdd share link via XingAdd share link via TelegramAdd share link via SkypeAdd setting controls product delivery time range between a custom rangeFull support for hCaptcha plugin
10 May 2022 - Version 1.2.3
- Added:Add option to hide Shipping Class info on product page.Add option to hide Shipping Estimated Delivery info on product page.Add option to hide Free Shipping & Returns info on product page.- Updated:WPC Product Tabs plugin v.1.6.0- Fixed:Title Bar Minimal default heightProduct Low Stock Bar styleGrid Layout broken when Lazy Images Load disabledWishlist modal link styleOriginal login form when popup login form disabled.
05 May 2022 - Version 1.2.2
- Added:Add upsell products position Below Product Details.Add option controls recent viewed products position.Add option allows add Custom CSS to customize the appearance.Support Quantity Select in Mini Cart and Cart page- Fixed:Fix option hide product thumbnails in mobile hide in desktop also.Fix upsell products position Below Product Tabs not showing.Fix Product category thumbnail upload
25 Apr 2022 - Version 1.1.0
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