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The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a way by which we can have optimized pages content that can be loaded instantly. It is a way by which we boost the performance of the website.

In today’s era smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the way we access information over the internet. Web store owners are trying every bit to reach to maximum users but every time a web page takes too long to load, they lose a user and with it the opportunity to generate more revenue.

Note: Opencart Accelerated Mobile Pages module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.

Use Case

If you have an e-commerce website built using Opencart and want to reach out to more customers then you’re in the right place. By using the AMP on your website it will dynamically reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Thus it will help to generate more sales and marginal growth in the business. The bounce rate of the website can be a fatal reason for the drop in the website sales which can cause heavy loss to the store owner. The AMP can act as a major savior in such places by providing an optimized result.

The users can also download the PWAs (Progressive Web App) from the AMP home page and add the PWAs to their home screen. Furthermore, users can access your website within the downloaded PWA.

Using the PWA the users will experience the same as they are accessing your website on a native mobile app. Moreover, the users will be able to access the PWAs in offline mode too. Pages once cached, the user doesn’t need to load those pages again.

Generate High Revenue For Store Owner 

The store owner can generate more revenue through the introduction of AMP on the website. The web pages can load quickly, thus help in increasing visibility. That means the store owner can earn a lot more.

Saving The Static Content 

The major role of AMP is to store the static data of the website. This is done to increase the speed of the website. This will enhance the user experience and help in holding them for a long time.

In this module, we have introduced this awesome feature by implementing Accelerated Mobile Page for the Home page, Category page and on the most important, Product page and various CMS Pages. For any web store, these three are the most visited and most navigated pages.

So if these pages load up instantly without any delay then surely it will keep the user interested in the web store and this will be super beneficial to store owner, as the more time a user spends on your web store, the more will be the chances of a user to purchasing some goods.


  • Admin can customize color themes for AMP pages.
  • Sharing of products on various social media platforms.
  • The module supports multiple levels of categories.
  • Home Page Image Slider.
  • Display the footer links on the AMP page.
  • Display the Related products on the AMP page.
  • Set the Side Bar color.
  • Enable/Disable the various Background color.
  • Enable/Disable the Background expanded color.
  • Faster loading page for mobile users.
  • Improved search engine ranking.
  • Increase visibility.
  • Better user experience.
  • Less bounce rate.
  • An increase in sales conversions.
  • The admin can set a cronjob for fetching CDN URL for their website.
  • Admin can configure this module for different stores.
  • The customer can register, guest checkout and also can log in at the checkout page of the amp.
  • The customers are able to view and add the products to the cart and process for the complete checkout with the amp.
  • The admin can enter the google analytics ID from the admin panel for the analytic purpose.
  • The admin can manage the PWAs from the admin panel easily.
  • The users can now add the PWAs to their home screen from the AMP pages.
  • The users can access the PWAs in offline mode too.
  • The admin can set the Grid or List view for frontend products.
  • Admin can enter the image resolution in Width and Height of Product Image List Size.
  • Product tax information is displayed on the frontend.

One of Our Happy Customer Using Our AMP module:


After the successful installation of the module, the admin can manage the module from the admin panel easily and it will be shown in front end as shown below:

Front-End View 

Now when a user will access the amp page of your website, the user will also be able to add the PWA to their home screen.

After adding the PWA to the home screen an app icon will be added to the user’s mobile. The user can now click on the icon and access your website within the PWA too.

Users can also add the PWA to their desktop by clicking on the install button from the address bar as shown in the image below -

Now back to the AMP pages, the customer can search for products from the search bar with the auto search suggestion feature as shown in the image -

AMP category pages allow the users to quickly navigate through the categories. This module will support categories up to multiple levels.

AMP on a product page is one of the coolest features of this module as a user can go to a product page from anywhere, from the home page, category page, or even from the google.

A faster loading and mobile-optimized webpages for the products of the Webstore will attract and engage more users and it will generate more purchases from the users.

Customers can also add the product to the cart and process further to complete the checkout.

After confirming the order, the page will be redirected to the Thank You page and it will not be an AMP page.

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10 Jul 2021 - Version _oc2.x_oc3.x
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