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30 Mar 2024 - Version
13 Oct 2023 - Version
23 Aug 2023 - Version
15 Feb 2023 - Version 2.3.1 NULLED
* Dev - Bulk tools ("Regenerate/Reset" and "Find & replace") and "Quick Edit" code was refactored* Dev - Minor code improvements* Dev - New filter field - 'permalink_manager_ate_uri_editor'* Dev - Improved compatibility with WPML's Advanced Translation Editor* Fix - The /feed/ endpoint returns 404 error if 'feeds' in rewrite property of requested post type object is set to false* Fix - The canonical redirect is no longer forced for LearnPress front-end pages
25 Nov 2022 - Version NULLED
* Fix - The "URI Editor" for individual term pages is now called later to ensure that all custom taxonomies are registered* Dev - The "nonce" field has been renamed for clarity* Dev - New filter added - 'permalink_manager_get_language_code'
17 Nov 2022 - Version NULLED
* Fix - A nonce field has been added to debug tools code for increased security* Fix - The "Fix language mismatch" function now functions exactly the same way in Polylang as it does in WPML
01 Nov 2022 - Version NULLED
Fix - Security fix for BAC vulnerability found in the debug function that allowed unauthorized removal of single URIs
13 Oct 2022 - Version 2.2.20 NULLED
* Fix - The URLs with duplicated slashes (eg. are now handled correctly and forwarded to the canonical URL.* Fix - The redirect problem was resolved with WPForo versions after 2.0.1* Dev - Improved compatibility with the WP All Import plugin functions* Dev - Improved compatibility with Polylang plugin* Dev - Better support for ACF Relationship fields* Dev - The plugin no longer (by default) supports custom post types & taxonomies that do not have the "query_var" and "rewrite" properties* Enhancement - In "Exclude drafts" mode, the URI Editor field in the "Quick Edit" section becomes "read-only" for the "Draft" posts.
12 Aug 2022 - Version NULLED
* Dev - New filter added - 'permalink_manager_pre_sanitize_title'* Fix - The old slugs are saved in the '_wp_old_slug' meta key even if the native slugs are changed in the URI Editor in the Gutenberg mode.* Fix - Extra security check in the "Debug" section to prevent unauthorized users (CSRF) from removing the plugin's data.
09 Jul 2022 - Version NULLED
Fix - JS conflict fixed ("Cannot read properties of null (reading 'isSavingMetaBoxes')")
28 Jun 2022 - Version NULLED
Fix - JS conflict fixed ("Cannot read property 'isSavingPost' of null")
20 May 2022 - Version 2.2.18
* Fix - The "permalink_manager_filter_permastructure" filter can now also be used before the "Permastructure" settings are saved in the database* Enhancement - Improved support for RankMath breadcrumbs* Dev - License notification function has been improved (Permalink Manager Pro)* Dev - Additional minor improvements in code
02 Apr 2022 - Version 2.2.17
* Fix - Permalink Manager supports WPML's "Post Types & Taxonomy Translation" settings and returns the permalink of the fallback post/term with the correct language code* Fix - When the auto-update mode for categories is disabled, the manually adjusted permalinks are no longer overwritten by the default ones* Enhancement - Permalink Manager now allows you to rewrite just chosen articles and terms while leaving the rest untouched (See '"Auto-update" permalinks' settings field)* Enhancement - Improved support for SEOPress breadcrumbs* Enhancement - "Auto-update permalinks" setting is now replaced with "URI update mode" to give users better control on how Permalink Manager generates and saves the custom permalinks.* Dev - Additional minor improvements in code
03 Feb 2022 - Version 2.2.16
* Enhancement - Improved support for "Primary category" feature included in Yoast SEO* Enhancement - Added support for Avia/Enfold breadcrumbs filter* Enhancement - Further optimisation and improvements for Permalink_Manager_Core_Functions->new_uri_redirect_and_404() function* Fix - Permalink Manager now recognises the "Explore" listing page in MyListing theme properly
14 Jan 2022 - Version 2.2.15
* Enhancement - UI Improvements for Regenerate/reset tool* Dev - WPML_URL_Filters->permalink_filter() hook is also used by Permalink Manager to filter custom permalinks.* Enhancement - wp_make_link_relative() function is used to prevent redirect loops in new_uri_redirect_and_404() (suggested by mgussekloo)* Fix - Enhancements to the debug function's security to avoid XSS injection.
22 Oct 2021 - Version 2.2.14
* Enhancement - Improvements for Gutenberg Editor* Dev - Tippy.js (by atomiks) updated to version 6.3.2* Fix - From now on, the user role selected in “URI Editor role capability” is respected in “Quick Edit” box hooks (reported by @lozeone)* Dev - Further security improvements inside WP-Admin dashboard (reported by Vlad Vector)
24 Sep 2021 - Version 2.2.13
* Dev - Minor security improvements inside WP-Admin dashboard* Fix - Allow canonical redirect for default language if "Hide URL language information for default language" is turned on in Polylang settings* Enhancement - New settings field - "Primary category support"* Enhancement - "Force 404 on non-existing pagination pages" works now with archive pages
20 Aug 2021 - Version 2.2.12
* Dev - New filters added - 'permalink_manager_excluded_post_ids' & 'permalink_manager_excluded_term_ids'* Dev - Additional minor changes in the codebase* Fix - Canonical permalinks for blog pagination is now correctly filtered (if Yoast SEO is used)* Fix - Better support for 'private' posts & pages
02 Aug 2021 - Version 2.3.3
* Add - Affiliate Program* Update - Languages
28 Jun 2021 - Version 2.2.11
* Fix - The function that automatically removes the broken URIs is no longer triggered when WP Rocket is turned on and non-logged-in user tries to access the broken URL.
28 Apr 2021 - Version
13 Mar 2021 - Version
07 Jan 2021 - Version
22 Sep 2020 - Version
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