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Version: 1.361

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24 Jan 2022 - Version 1.361
Added a scrollbar to the Check Balance table for use on smaller screens. Added compatibility for the Mollie Payments for WooCommerce payment gateway plugin.
19 Jan 2022 - Version 1.360
Fixed the translation of Delivery Date in the Spanish translation. Fixed an issue when calling order item formatted meta data via an AJAX call and get_current_screen() returns empty.
15 Jan 2022 - Version 1.357
Fixed a display issue with WooCommerce PayPal Payments plugin by WooCommerce when redeeming a gift card.
01 Jan 2022 - Version 1.356
28 Dec 2021 - Version 1.355
Fixed the Expiration Date format used on the PDF gift card and the preview. It now correctly uses the date format specified in the WordPress admin area under Settings > General > Date Format.
22 Dec 2021 - Version 1.354
Increased the hook priority to 1 for the send_headers hook that is used to display the PDF gift card. The priority can be changed by setting PWGC_SEND_HEADERS_PRIORITY in wp-config.php
21 Dec 2021 - Version 1.353
Fixed a display issue for scheduled gift cards that also contain a bonus gift card.
16 Dec 2021 - Version 1.352
Fixed an issue with viewing a PDF with certain special characters in the message.
13 Dec 2021 - Version 1.350
Allow deactivating or reactivating a gift card along with a note via the REST API.
10 Dec 2021 - Version 1.349
Improved the Italian translation. Fixed an issue with the REST API that prevented reactivation of a deactivated gift card using the API. Ensure that the product object is available when viewing a PDF for custom email template overrides. Set the PDF filename to be gift-card.pdf and added a new hook to optionally change this: pwgc_pdf_filename
07 Dec 2021 - Version 1.348
Ensure that the Pikaday library is loaded first when Allow Scheduled Delivery is enabled.
03 Dec 2021 - Version 1.347
For physical gift cards, do not show the Generated And Emailed After Complete message to the customer since this could be confusing.
28 Nov 2021 - Version 1.344
Fixed an issue where the Apply Gift Card and Remove fields did not work on the Cart page after changing the Shipping method. Ensure the Gift Card product data tab is the first one when other plugins are installed such as WPC Composite Products. Use the regular price for the bonus gift card calculation for on sale gift cards.
22 Nov 2021 - Version 1.342
Prevent the Email Design meta value showing for Physical Gift Cards.
03 Nov 2021 - Version 1.337
Added a new filter to disable the auto focus feature for the Other Amount field: pwgc_auto_focus_other_amount. See our FAQ for details.
31 Oct 2021 - Version 1.336
Show the full amount and not the sale price when previewing a gift card that is on sale.
29 Oct 2021 - Version 1.335
When viewing a Preview on the frontend, ensure that the View PDF link shows the currently selected amount and not the placeholder 123.45
23 Oct 2021 - Version 1.333
Added translation for Norwegian Bokmål. Created a new hook to allow overriding the temporary directory for the PDF gift cards: pwgc_mpdf_temp_dir
21 Oct 2021 - Version 1.332
Added a new hook to be able to override the Check Balance page on the My Account area: pwgc_balance_page
17 Oct 2021 - Version 1.331
Added a new hook to allow changing the email item data: pwgc_customer_email_item_data. Improved the accuracy of the Outstanding Balance amount in the admin area by rounding at each step. Fixed a conflict with PPOM for WooCommerce when changing the shipping method on the Cart or Checkout pages.
19 Sep 2021 - Version 1.330
Fixed a conversion issue when using the Price Based on Country for WooCommerce plugin by Oscar Gare.
15 Sep 2021 - Version 1.329
- Added a new option to not display the Gift Card Applied message when clicking the Redeem button. To disable this message, set PWGC_SHOW_GIFT_CARD_APPLIED_MESSAGE_FROM_REDEEM_BUTTON to false in wp-config.php
15 Sep 2021 - Version 1.328
Confirmed compatibility with WooCommerce v5.7
10 Sep 2021 - Version 1.327
- Improved the cart_contains_gift_card() function so it can be used in the back end. Added a hook to change the configuration parameters for the PDF generation.
21 Aug 2021 - Version 1.325
- Prevent a possible exception from being thrown when using WPML Multi Currency.
19 Aug 2021 - Version 1.323
- Removed padding to fix a display issue when using the background images option for the email design.
18 Aug 2021 - Version 1.321
- Fixed a display issue when previewing the gift card with the Price Based on Country for WooCommerce by Oscar Gare plugin installed.
11 Aug 2021 - Version 1.320
Confirmed compatibility with WooCommerce 5.6.Fixed an issue with Previews and PDFs when overriding the email template file.Removed a PHP Warning message that can appear in the log files when running wp-cron.php on the command line.
30 Jul 2021 - Version 1.319
- Admin area improvements: Added word wrap to the Recipient email address column. Improved load times on the Balances page. Fixed an issue with recipient emails longer than 255 characters.
25 Jul 2021 - Version 1.317
- Reduce the installation size by removing unnecessary fonts from the PDF module.
28 Jun 2021 - Version 1.312
17 Jun 2021 - Version 1.309
25 Apr 2021 - Version 1.306
07 Feb 2021 - Version 1.295
30 Dec 2020 - Version 1.290
15 Dec 2020 - Version 1.283
05 Dec 2020 - Version 1.278
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