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Version: 3.7.2

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25 Jun 2022 - Version 3.7.2
Fixes issue in some fractional conversions between metric and US customary.
03 Jun 2022 - Version 3.7.1
* Updates placement of 'Description Color' in settings page.* Fixes issue with video input field not displaying the video on Snap recipe card template.* Adds support for primary, secondary, and icon color setting on Snap recipe card template.
10 Apr 2022 - Version 3.6.4
Adds support for embedding YouTube Shorts URLs.
03 Apr 2022 - Version 3.6.3
* Updates WP Recipe Maker converter to properly migrate recipe videos.* Introduces a `tasty_recipes_quick_links` filter to allow modifying Quick Links.* Adds more specific rating styles to avoid theme conflicts.* Fixes issue where percentages would be matched as units in the scaling buttons.
20 Feb 2022 - Version 3.6.2
Ensures 'calories' is always appended in nutrition schema output, regardless of where it's from.
16 Feb 2022 - Version 3.6.1
* Appends 'calories' to Nutrifox nutrition schema output to fix Google Search Console warning.* Allows '8' as the denominator when rounding if the value is '1/8'.* Ignores `trash` posts when finding posts to convert.
15 Jan 2022 - Version 3.6.0
* Refactors 'Copy to Clipboard' to use ingredients listed in the browser, to ensure scaling and unit conversion are applied.* Adds a checkbox to enable automatic conversion of older recipes.* Detects Mediavine videos in blocks in the post for inclusion in JSON+LD schema.* Reintroduces scaling and unit conversion in print preview.* Adds `style="display: none !important;"` to ensure `<script>` and `<style>` tags aren't ever displayed.* Introduces a `tasty_recipes_default_author_name` filter to allow the default author name to be modified.* Introduces a `tasty_recipes_scalable_amounts` filter to allow the scale amounts to be modified.* Introduces a `tasty_recipes_json_ld_image_sizes` filter to allow JSON+LD image sizes to be modified.* Introduces a `tasty_recipes_card_top_details` filter to allow Bold card top details to be configurable.* Introduces a `tasty_recipes_customization_settings` filter to allow changing customization settings based on context (e.g. a different color for print).
16 Oct 2021 - Version 3.5.0
* Adds ingredient checkboxes.* Adds improved print controls and card styles for print.* Switches to `body-color.color` on all recipe cards for inline nutrition details.* Bold card changes: hides the 'Description' heading; moves Cook Time, Prep Time, Additional Time to 'Other Details'* Recalculates recipe ratings after wpDiscuz comment submission.* Introduces a `tasty_recipes_nutrifox_display_style` filter to make it possible to change the Nutrifox display style when a custom card is used.* Introduces a `tasty_recipes_use_yoast_schema` filter to allow Tasty Recipes schema to be used even when Yoast is active.
02 Sep 2021 - Version 3.4.0
* Adds unit conversion support to all recipe card templates.* Adds button support to all recipe card templates.* Adds support for displaying Nutrifox data directly in the recipe card, instead of as a label.* Persists the original fraction type (vulgar vs. standard) when using unit conversion UX.* Adds settings and per-recipe controls for enabling/disabling scaling.* Adds per-recipe control for enabling/disabling unit conversion.
06 Aug 2021 - Version 3.3.1
* Includes ratings data in the Create conversion process.* Enhances Thrive theme compatibility.* Properly format amounts as fractions when only unit conversion is used.* Avoids appending the unit for the second quantity.* Ensures the secondary color applies to the background color on the Modern Compact card.
15 Jun 2021 - Version 3.3.0
03 Apr 2021 - Version 3.2.2
20 Feb 2021 - Version 3.1.1
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