TheGem - Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme - V5.5.0

Version: 5.5.0

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08 Jul 2022 - Version 5.5.0
28 Apr 2022 - Version 5.4.1
21 Apr 2022 - Version 5.4.0
13 Mar 2022 - Version 5.3.3
26 Feb 2022 - Version 5.3.2
18 Feb 2022 - Version 5.3.1
27 Jan 2022 - Version 5.3.0
04 Dec 2021 - Version
19 Nov 2021 - Version 5.2.1
10 Nov 2021 - Version 5.2.0
10 Nov 2021 - Version 5.1.2
22 Sep 2021 - Version 5.1.2
NEW FEATURES- Color Swatches for product attributes in WooCommerce- Label Swatches for product attributes in WooCommerce - New Quick View for products in products & shop grid - New Product Carousel content element- New Product Categories content element- Skeleton Preloader for product pages - Product gallery grid for product pages: 1x column grid, 2x columns grid, 3x columns grid - New layout & design presets for product pages- New preset cart icons: “modern cart” and “bag”- Custom icon selection for cart icon - 1x column grid for Products Grid content element FIXES- Fix in “filter by tags” for shop grid- Fix in products grid for “Hide out of stock items” WooCommerce setting- Fix for currency display WooCommerce settings in product price filter
05 Sep 2021 - Version 5.1.1
FIXES - WooCommerce: fix on the login/registration page- Elementor: fix for loading of custom titles on archive pages- Elementor: fix for column defaults for "Quickfinder" widget- Theme Options: fix for displaying TheGem filters settings in WooCommerce -> Shop Grid 
22 Aug 2021 - Version 5.1.0
NEW FEATURESShop Grid- Extended Shop Grids for shop main page and WooCommerce archive pages- justified, masonry and metro grid layouts- flexible adjustable grid columns and gaps with additional responsive options- 25+ pre-made customizable product item presets (check demos)- load more, infinite scroll and page numbers pagination options- 6 adjustable "sale", "new", "out of stock" labels pre-sets- extended WooCommerce widgets product filters with AJAX filtering: sidebar filter and hidden sidebar filter- 3 types of in-built AJAX TheGem products filters: sidebar, hidden sidebar, horizontal filters- 6 types of lazy loading grid animation styles- skeleton preloader for shop grid- additional customizable grid styling optionsSingle Product- Advanced single product layouts for WooCommerce product pages - AJAX add to cart- flexible adjustable columns width for product gallery and product description- adjustable column position for product gallery and product description- 100% width layout option- sticky product option- location for page builder content: you can now select where to display content created with page builder: inside of "Description" tab and as extra content below tabs- 3 types of layout for description & reviews: tabs, accordion, one-by-one- 3 types of styles for description & reviews tabs- different position for description & reviews accordions (next to gallery, below gallery)- additional layout options for description & reviews tabs & accordions- additional display options for elements on product page (title, description, reviews, price etc.)- extra display option for product attribute (like "Brand" for example)- additional display options for product meta elements- upsell products: settings for columns, number of items with additional responsive options- related products: settings for columns, number of items with additional responsive options- 6 pre-built customizable product layout presetsCart & Checkout- New cart & checkout layouts added - checkout steps in two styles- cross-Sell products: settings for columns, number of items with additional responsive options- extra content for "Thank you / order complete" pageGeneral- additional settings for page paddings on WooCommerce pages - additional settings for breadcrumbs in content for WooCommerce pages - additional settings for paddings on WooCommerce pages - additional settings for title area on WooCommerce pages - WooCommerce sidebar widgets re-styled for new shop grids and single product layouts Page Builders- products grid: replacement of isotope by css flex grid for better grid performance - products grid: additional grid caching of pagination, sorting and filters for better grid performance- skeleton preloader on first grid loading for products grid- sidebar position for sidebar filters in products grid- Products TabsUPDATES- Elementor: performance improvements in editing modeFIXES- Minor fixes in mega menu- Fixes in title area breadcrumbs for product categories- Fix for notice on the search results page
13 Jul 2021 - Version
29 May 2021 - Version 5.0.1
02 Jan 2021 - Version
12 Dec 2020 - Version 4.5.7
08 Aug 2020 - Version 4.5.0
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