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I've ported my popular boxing algorithm from my FedEx Advanced mod over to UPS Deluxe!

New boxing algorithm accounts for the dimensions of each item in the cart, compares the combined volume to the max dimensions set in the configuration, then fits the items within the box dimensions. This gives one of the most accurate box fittings possible, while still staying true to actual sizes.

Supported OpenCart Versions:





What does it do:


UPS Deluxe is a group of additional features for the UPS extension that comes with OpenCart.

The default UPS extension always assumes the cart is a single package with a single weight and dimension.

It also does not handle packages greater than 150lbs resulting in UPS returning no rates.

This addon offers the following features:

  • - Individual Packaging Option - each cart item rated with its own weight and dimensions as part of the UPS rate lookup.
  • - Volumetric Boxing Algorithm - Combine volumes, but preserves actual dimensions for true to size packaging and max dimensions.
  • - Max Box Weight - Instead of individual packages, break up the cart into packages by max weight per package.
  • - Negotiated Rates - Show your accounts discounted rates.
  • - Rate Adjust - Manually pad or discount returned rates with +/- amounts or percentages
  • - Actual Weight Override. Force the rates to be based on actual weight by forcing the dimensions to be rated as smaller.
  • - Separate box per item. Allow you to flag certain items to be in their own box while allowing other items to be combined.
  • - Allow Item Splitting across mutiple boxes - For heavier products that can have parts shipped in separate boxes.



* You will need to have the vQmod engine installed (

Main features:


  • * Works with the UPS core version that comes with opencart
  • * Simple vQmod script plug and play
  • * Can be enabled or disabled from UPS admin
  • * Uses each item's individual weight, length, width, and height values
  • * Avg Dimensions from the core module are repurposed as max dimensions for volumetric boxing algorithm.
  • * Max box weight allows breaking up large cart orders into multiple packages
  • * Single items that go overweight will not be broken into multiple pieces.
  • * Negotiated rates allows you to give customers cheaper shipping.
  • * Two rate adjustment fields for combined percent and/or flat rate increases per returned rate
  • * Minimum Rate amount allowing you to charge at least x.xx amount for the lowest rate.
  • * Optional Actual weight override for more desirable (if incorrect) shipping rates.
  • * Separate box per item support.
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14 Jul 2021 - Version _oc2.x_oc3.x
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