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28 Apr 2024 - Version 4.6.0
04 Nov 2023 - Version 4.4.2 NULLED
10 Mar 2023 - Version 4.4.1 NULLED
- WooCommerce Subscriptions module: Implemented support for the new WooCommerce high performance order storage feature (COT/HPOS)- Added an option to filter WooCommerce payment methods report by date- Fixed: issue with the sorting of some columns that contain float numbers
17 Nov 2022 - Version 4.4.0 NULLED
WooCommerce module: Implemented support for the new WooCommerce high performance order storage feature (COT/HPOS)
05 Oct 2022 - Version 4.3.0 NULLED
- New: Introduced a new "WooCommerce Product Reports" section - it allows you to select a product and explore the following reports:   * Frequently bought together (top products that are frequently ordered with the selected product)   * Sales   * Items sold   * Items sold total amount   * Top ordered variations (for variable products)   * Top ordered attributes (for variable products)   * Order statuses- New: Allow moving back in time in all period/time based reports. The time based reports used to show the last N days/weeks/months/years - this feature now allows moving the report in time, e.g. on a monthly report that shows the last 12 months by default, you can now navigate to the previous 12 months, etc.- New: LearnDash - add a Group column to the table showing the groups that the user belongs to- New: LearnDash - add course date started and course date completed to course activity in user profile section- New: WooCommerce - added an option to filter the Order status report by date- Fixed: Issue with sorting date fields on the table in ascending order with MySQL 8- Fixed: Some of the table fields/reports loaded in UTC instead of the WordPress site timezone- Fixed: Profile Builder Pro - country field options not available in filter select- Fixed: Date picker not working with Finnish language since the 4.2.0 update- LearnDash: Make private courses available to select in course filters and module options for the users who can access private posts- LearnDash: Handle cases when LearnDash stores multiple course activities per user. For course start date and end date we now take the first date the course has been started and the last date the course has been completed.- WooCommerce: Add a filter/hook "usin_wc_successful_order_statuses" allowing to change the statuses used in "Successful orders" and "Lifetime value" fields. By default the completed and processing statuses are used.- WooCommerce: Add a filter/hook "usin_wc_sale_order_statuses" allowing to change the sale order statuses used in reports (Sales, Sales Total, Product Sales, Product Sales Total, Product Items Sold). By default completed, processing and on hold are used.- Change how schema updates run. The "usin_version_installed" option key now refers to the database version, and the "usin_version_update" action now runs only on schema update.- Other general improvements and minor bug fixes
21 Jan 2022 - Version 4.2.1 NULLED
- Fixed: a layout issue with the filter buttons- Fixed: a notice generated during export in some cases
26 Nov 2021 - Version 4.2.0 NULLED
04 Sep 2021 - Version 4.1.1 NULLED
Fixed: Module Options page not loading after the recent Ultimate Member plugin 2.2.3 update.
04 Jun 2021 - Version 4.1.0 NULLED
09 Mar 2021 - Version 4.0.1 NULLED
19 Dec 2020 - Version 4.0.0 NULLED
14 Oct 2020 - Version 3.9.3 NULLED
08 Aug 2020 - Version 3.9.1 NULLED
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