WooCommerce Bookings - V2.0.0

Version: 2.0.0

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WooCommerce Bookings is a WooCommerce Extensions being developed by Woothemes. WooCommerce Bookings allows you to sell your time or date based bookings, adding a new product type to your WooCommerce site.

WooCommerce Bookings Features :
Create booking slots
Intuitive booking management
Multi-person bookings
Manually create bookings
Customer email notifications
Custom-tailored booking costs
Booking confirmation controls
Control booking availability
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29 Jul 2023 - Version 2.0.0
07 Jun 2023 - Version 1.16.01
17 Apr 2023 - Version 1.15.79
17 Mar 2023 - Version 1.15.76
* Add - Check booking availability on checkout validation to reduce over-booking.* Dev - Added a 'state' parameter to the custom Google Calendar connection.* Dev - Migrate end-to-end tests to Playwright.* Dev - Prefix composer `google/apiclient` package with `brianhenryie/strauss`.* Dev - Resolve PHP deprecated warning `usort(): Returning bool from comparison function`.* Dev - Update PHP dependency to 7.2.* Fix - "Confirm Booking" link not working from email and shows "The link you followed has expired.".* Fix - Ensures that labels on Bookings page in My Account are able to be translated.* Tweak - WC 7.5.0 compatibility.
31 Jan 2023 - Version 1.15.74
Fix - Resolves a packaging problem with our Google API library.
29 Jan 2023 - Version 1.15.73
* Fix - Calendars show correct availability when multiple bookable products are on the same page.* Fix - Namespacing of Google API package classes.* Tweak - Bump WooCommerce "tested up to" from 7.2.2 to 7.3.* Tweak - Bump tested up to WordPress version 6.1.
26 Nov 2022 - Version 1.15.68
* Fix - All time ranges should be checked before marking any block unbookable.* Fix - Ensure maximum number of person type not allowed to exceed Max Persons setting.* Fix - Hide products from the `/slot` endpoint if their catalog visibility is set to `hidden`.* Fix - Make calendar popup and booking details popup WP 6.1 compatible.* Fix - Show booking details on the booking details admin page if it does not have an order.
04 Nov 2022 - Version 1.15.65
* Fix - Prevent bookings and display end-times in unavailable times on another day.* Fix - Resource cost not included in booking cost when `=` used in booking cost ranges.* Tweak - Bump minimum WooCommerce version from 2.6 to 6.0.* Tweak - Prevent unneeded ajax calls to wc_bookings_calculate_costs to improve performance.* Tweak - Set minimum PHP version to 7.0.* Tweak - Set minimum WordPress version to 5.6.
30 Oct 2022 - Version 1.15.64
* Add - Provision to apply 'Booking Person Discount' from admin dashboard.* Fix - "Min persons" setting is not working when Booking is added manually from admin.* Fix - Booking availability for bookable products with resources.* Fix - Changing booking status or date/time moves the booking to the last line item in the order.* Fix - Improvements to admin side calendar view.* Fix - Slot range checked to be inside the rule range for an hour and minute durations.* Tweak - Skip array value booking metadata during sync booking with GCal.* Update - Change keypress event to keyup.* Update - Lock the `google/apiclient-services` to v0.181.0.
29 Sep 2022 - Version 1.15.63
Add - Bookings Helper integration (Export button on a product page).
15 Sep 2022 - Version 1.15.62
Tweak - Removed unwanted legacy code related to overriding block cost.
28 Aug 2022 - Version 1.15.61
* Tweak - Deprecated "woocommerce_bookings_process_cost_rules_override_block" filter hook.* Tweak - WC 6.8.0 compatibility.
13 Aug 2022 - Version 1.15.60
Fix - The View booking link does not exist on the edit order page.
01 Aug 2022 - Version 1.15.59
* Add - A filter `woocommerce_bookings_zero_order_status` to handle order status with zero total when bookings are confimred.* Fix - "View My Bookings" link showing in customer emails even when they are guest customers.* Fix - Bookings Table is not Responsive at FE.* Fix - Bookings status not shown on small & medium screens.* Fix - Ensure screen options work properly on mobile views.* Fix - Free bookings that require confirmation are given the Pending Payment status.* Fix - Make sure reminder emails get sent for manually created bookings without an associated order.* Fix - Sorting booking products by price.* Fix - WooCommerce Bookings triggers daily fatal errors.* Fix: Block picker visibility when resource is changed.* Tweak - WC 6.7.0 compatibility.* Update - Admin Bookings table layout has been upgraded.* Update - Limit the hourly duration to a maximum of up to 24.
08 Jul 2022 - Version 1.15.58
* Fix - Booking slot remaining count does not appear if Time zone is set to 'Display visitor's local time'.* Fix - Bookings list API results count inconsistent.* Fix - Ensure that you can force delete a Booking through the REST API.* Fix - Fix Google Calendar event blocks off all product availability.* Fix - Fix/2863 "Past days" detected properly.* Fix - Fixes - Select date error message is shown after changes to resource selection in frontend.* Fix - Minimum block bookable isn't being respected in Slots API.* Fix - New Booking emails don't respect text saved in email settings.* Fix - Show display price only when base price exists.
02 Jun 2022 - Version 1.15.57
* Add - Add WooCommerce Bookings templates override section to WooCommerce Status page.* Fix - Add PHP Compatibility Testing.* Fix - Custom links added in the `new order` email.* Fix - Enhancement - Introduced a new setting field to control Google event description overwrite.* Fix - Ensure the Person types input fields are responsive.* Fix - Enter a summary of all changes on this Pull Request. This will appear in the changelog if accepted.* Fix - Fix: Ensure we validate the minimum and maximum duration.* Fix - Migrate end-to-end tests from Travis CI to GitHub Actions.* Fix - REST API returns days that are not bookable.* Fix - Update composer.json to include the /languages folder in the release.* Tweak - Bump tested up to WordPress version 6.0.
08 May 2022 - Version 1.15.56
* Add - Add wc_bookings_get_end_time_html filter to modify endtime html.* Fix - Add customer info for admin on pending confirmation email.* Fix - Bookings that last till midnight are expanded to the next day in the admin calendar.* Fix - Correct number of days can't be selected in some situations.* Fix - Fix: Duplicate product title issue in the booking order emails.* Fix - Fixed calendar Schedule panel's header visibility issue on scroll.* Fix - Store Server Time showing on front end when Timezone settings are showing visitor's local time.* Fix - Toggle `Max bookings per block` with `Has resources`.
29 Apr 2022 - Version 1.15.55
Fix - Booking Duration not being calculated automatically.
24 Apr 2022 - Version 1.15.54
* Fix - Add confirmation before canceling a booking.* Fix - Added the ability to checkout bookable products with the new checkout Gutenberg block. .* Fix - Adds error callback for ajax post for time-picker.js.* Fix - Admin Calendar Month View - last day in calendar grid shows no bookings.* Fix - Admin calendar "schedule" month resets when selecting a product.* Fix - Calendar shows available, even when all blocks are booked.* Fix - Check booking availability payment method is hidden from settings.* Fix - Fix The 12:00 AM is considered as next day's midnight, not Today's.* Fix - Fix/3046 - Updates "Check booking availability" copy to "Subject to confirmation".* Fix - Fix: Plugin asset URL issue for plugin installed via symlink.* Fix - Incorrect time for CRON canceling failed orders.* Fix - Resources block entire day when added after bookings are made.* Fix - Updated - filter `wc_bookings_get_time_slots_html` includes 4th argument, containing the product data.* Update - Time changed for CRON to cancel failed orders.
19 Mar 2022 - Version 1.15.53
* Fix - Booking Time Not Available After Booking Released from Cart.* Fix - Booking changed to "Partially Paid" even when deposit payment failed.* Fix - Compatibility issue with WooCommerce Multi-Currency.* Fix - Inconsistency manual created bookings vs. frontend.* Fix - Min Block Bookable Setting "x" hours into the future does not work with day range bookings.* Fix - Overbooking with "Customer defined blocks of".* Fix - Partially booked slots not considered for new bookings.* Fix - Show category in API only if it has a bookable product.* Fix - Undefined array key "resource_id" when using 'Customer defined blocks of'.
11 Feb 2022 - Version 1.15.52
Fix - Fixes an issue with the previous build size.
31 Jan 2022 - Version 1.15.50
* Fix - Add duration limit unit with max/min duration notice.* Fix - Add product information in the cancel email.* Fix - Add-Ons info in the Pending Confirmation email.* Fix - Added min-width to date picker and date range fields.* Fix - Booking events status can not be recognized when looking at the calendar(s).* Fix - Booking resources and persons toggle button is closing product data tab.* Fix - Bump date line down in the admin calendar so it's easier to read .* Fix - Calendar availability incorrect if customers timezone changes date. .* Fix - Calendar has warnings if view is 'Month' selected.* Fix - Custom availability rules with higher priority to override Google Calendar events.* Fix - Deprecated function being used: `woocommerce_before_cart_item_quantity_zero`.* Fix - Enhance resource cost unit label.* Fix - Ensure end time and start time fields don't overlap in admin bookings view.* Fix - Fix/3057 - Adds function to set selected month. Fix for highlighted month disappearing when clicking outside calendar.* Fix - Fix: Inconsistencies in start times when resources are assigned to bookable products.* Fix - Fix: Memberships discounts are not applied to the booking cost preview on the product's page (only in cart).* Fix - Hide past global availabilities from settings.* Fix - Overlapping resource availability - Incorrect slot display in the front-end.* Fix - The default parameter is not used in the `WC_Bookings_CPT::custom_columns` hook.* Fix - UI broken due to Booking product title on Booking >Calendar.* Fix - Using start of week setting.* Tweak - Cleanup of `was-in-cart` bookings.* Tweak - WC 4.7 compatibility.* Tweak - WP 5.9 compatibility.
11 Dec 2021 - Version 1.15.49
* Fix - Availability of the product with multiple auto-assigned resources.* Fix - Bring jQuery UI into our codebase instead of loading from a CDN.* Fix - DatePicker crash issue while navigating between months.* Fix - Deleting the quantity overrides at a product level by another person type.* Fix - Deprecated notice with PHP 8 when viewing a Schedule in the back end.* Fix - Error notice on unable to initialize a calendar connection.* Fix - Fix: Google Calendar 2 way sync offset.* Fix - address more dependency conflicts.* Tweak - WC 5.9 compatibility.* Tweak - WP 5.8 compatibility.
25 Oct 2021 - Version 1.15.48
* Fix - Include `was-in-cart` bookings to database cleanup tool.* Tweak - WC 5.8 compatibility.* Tweak - WP 5.8 compatibility.
10 Oct 2021 - Version 1.15.47
* Add - Filter `woocommerce_bookings_product_defaults` to override default attributes for Product Booking.* Fix - Ensure timeframe calculations are correct when using hours in the max bookable setting.* Fix - Prevent duplication of transient keys.* Fix - Revert "Add the jQuery UI styles and images to our codebase".
06 Oct 2021 - Version 1.15.46
* Fix - Date correction for bookings that cross days between user's local timezone and site timezone.* Tweak - WC 5.7 compatibility.
31 Jul 2021 - Version 1.15.43
* Tweak - Introduced a new woocommerce_bookings_filter_time_slots filter to modify availability on a per-product basis.
18 Jun 2021 - Version 1.15.41
08 Jun 2021 - Version 1.15.40
07 Jan 2021 - Version 1.15.33
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