WPEverest User Registration Pro - V4.1.3

Version: 4.1.3

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06 Jan 2024 - Version 4.1.3
22 Nov 2023 - Version 4.1.1
27 Oct 2023 - Version 4.1.0
30 Sep 2023 - Version
27 Aug 2023 - Version 4.0.3
16 Jul 2023 - Version 4.0.2
14 May 2023 - Version 3.2.5
04 May 2023 - Version 3.2.4
16 Nov 2022 - Version
* Fix      - Security issue in profile picture upload.* Tweak    - Parse user extra information according to form fields order.
12 Nov 2022 - Version 3.1.4
* Feature  - Form Templates.* Enhance  - Support links on the checkbox field option.* Dev      - Stripe Addon Refactor Compatibility.* Dev      - Two Factor Authentication Addon Compatibility.* Dev      - Added filter to hide specific fields in view details page with meta key.* Tweak    - Filter to change view details page title.* Tweak    - Add page state for user registration my account page.* Fix      - WYSIWYG field value parse.* Fix      - Localize reCAPTCHA script conditionally.* Fix      - Date not fetched in proper format in admin edit profile.* Fix      - Undefined index version while entering and activating license.* Fix      - Disable Default WordPress Login Screen not working on custom login page.* Fix      - WooCommerce password strength meter conflicting with reset password page.
10 Sep 2022 - Version 3.1.2
* Feature  - Tooltip in Form Fields.​* Feature  - View Profile Details Shortcode.​* Feature  - Support auto populate for invite code.* Enhance  - Parse smart tag values in appropriate format to display​.* Refactor - Remove field icon code.​* Refactor - Add Field Icon Display Hooks.​* Refactor - Replace jQuery tiptip with Tooltipster for tooltip​.* Tweak    - Double quoted main font family ignored by browsers.​* Tweak    - Replace incremental file name function with WordPress default.​* Tweak    - Revert content overrider not saving code back to old working one.​* Tweak    - Settings option label made consistent​.* Fix    - Flatpickr localization issue.* Fix    - File type valid value format.​* Fix    - Select All option translation issue.​* Fix    - Conditional Logic enabled required field issue. ​* Fix      - External Plugin field mapping area not displayed.* Fix    - Invalid argument error in foreach when updating pro.​* Fix    - Redirection after registration not working with block.​* Fix    - Error thrown when uploaded file is not found in upload directory.​* Fix      - Ajax Submission not working in edit profile when required field empty.* Fix    - Lost password not working when no default account page with forgot password endpoint​.
29 Jul 2022 - Version 3.1.1
* Feature  - Keyboard Friendly Forms.* Feature  - Map form fields value to external plugin field metas.* Enhance  - Display Keyboard Shortcuts Popup when (Ctrl + H) is pressed.* Enhance  - Toggle introduced in metabox settings.* Tweak    - Added trigger after edit profile ajax submission.* Dev      - Replace str_contains with strpos in settings title capitalization function.* Fix      - Quick Links Content Toggle Issue.* Fix      - Prevent Active Login Toggle Issue.* Fix      - Remove whitespace before form fields.* Fix      - Form Field icon issue in firefox browser.* Fix      - Undefined index field_name in country field.* Fix      - Date Range not accepting end date in access rule.* Fix      - Required option value for field not rendered dynamically in form builder.* Fix      - File upload path permission denied due to no existence of file directory.
20 Jul 2022 - Version 3.1.0
* Feature  - Approve User via Email Token Link.* Feature  -  Validate as unique field.* Refactor - Settings title, options and tooltips typos change.* Refactor - Added new Misc settings tab for all advanced global settings.* Tweak    - Added missing translations.* Tweak    - Make translatable Registration URL on Login form.* Dev      - Hook after user meta update.* Dev      - Validate unique field compatibility* Dev      - Date format filter for registered log in users table.* Fix      - Plugin path with invalid slashes.* Fix      - Profile Picture removed when profile updated.* Fix    - Inactive status not updating for disabled emails.* Fix      - Email templates content overrider texts not saving.* Fix      - Undefined Std::class $plugin in add new plugin page.* Fix      - Undefined Std::class $version in view details action.* Fix      - HTML content in popup header and footer not supported.* Fix      - View details link in plugins row action broken for addons.
10 Jun 2022 - Version 3.0.7
* Feature  - Native date Field.* Enhance  - Profile Picture and File Upload to different folder.* Dev      - Social connect with login option.* Dev      - Proper escaping on left out htmls.* Dev      - Hook for notice in registration form.* Dev      - Hook for customize edit profile fields.* Dev      - Filter hook for admin action redirect in users section.* Tweak    - URL to pricing page from extensions menu.* Tweak    - Filter to change lost password page button text.* Tweak    - Remove Add User Registration Form button from wp-editor in URCMA settings.* Fix      - Popup issue with wpcover block.* Fix      - Learndash login conflict with prevent core login feature.* Fix      - Country field value issue in edit profile when placeholder is set.
23 Apr 2022 - Version
Fix      - Wrong label of save changes button in settings.
01 Apr 2022 - Version 3.0.4
* Feature  - Getting started page.* Fix      - My Account translation issue.* Fix      - Profile picture not being uploaded.* Fix      - No file uploaded error in edit profile.* Fix      - Twenty Twenty Two theme form preview issue.* Fix      - Select value not shown when placeholder is set in edit profile.* Fix      - Empty email field after profile updates when field visibility set to readonly.
08 Mar 2022 - Version
* Fix      - Conditional assign role not working.* Fix      - Inline email content on save.* Fix      - Conditional logic not working.* Fix      - Multi select2 value not being saved in edit profile.* Fix      - Multiple profile updated email to admin.
04 Mar 2022 - Version
Fix      - ReCaptcha Backward Compatibility Issue.
01 Feb 2022 - Version 3.0.2
* Feature  - Combine two login option.* Dev      - Introduce hooks for save button in myaccount.* Tweak    - Common conditional logic design.* Fix      - Security and escaping issues.* Fix      - Cannot unhide labels.* Fix      - Profile picture remove, update and save on the edit profile page.* Fix      - File upload data not updated in profile details changed email.
13 Jan 2022 - Version 3.0.1
* Feature  - Populate form field via query string* Dev      - Hooks for custom advance setting.* Enhance  - Extension page design and addons installation.* Enhance  - Size limit on profile picture field in edit profile page.* Tweak    - Images/JSON files locally added.* Fix      - Sanitization and escaping issues.* Fix      - Resend verification not working when ajax login is enabled.
28 Dec 2021 - Version
Product Added to the system.
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