WPMU DEV - SmartCrawl - V3.10.6

Version: 3.10.6

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25 May 2024 - Version 3.10.6
14 Nov 2023 - Version 3.8.1
21 Apr 2023 - Version 3.6.2
04 Nov 2022 - Version 3.3.1
- Improvement: Permission checks on config management.- Fix: Conflict with Defender login masking.
02 Nov 2022 - Version 3.3.0
- New: Pagination for Auto Linking custom keywords.- New: Add an option to prevent auto-linking of non-indexed pages.- New: Add an option to prevent auto-linking on image captions.- New: Auto linking on the excerpt.- New: Auto linking in WooCommerce product categories.- Improvement: Refactor Auto Linking module.- Improvement: Optimize queries and caching.- Improvement: Update Shared UI.- Improvement: Auto linking compatibility with Polylang plugin.- Improvement: Copy updates about language compatibility.- Improvement: RSS feed compatibility for auto-linking.- Improvement: Membership access check.- Improvement: Replace Google fonts with Bunny fonts for GDPR compliance.- Fix: Auto linking conflict with WooCommerce.- Fix: Fatal error on cron.- Fix: Wrong meta title character length on SEO checkup.- Fix: Wordfence blocking Title & Meta.- Fix: "Include Sitemap" option is not working on robots.txt.- Fix: Styling issues on sitemap.- Fix: Unable to save sitemap report settings.- Fix: Console errors on Schema settings.- Fix: Prevent duplicates option not working in auto-linking.- Fix: Prevent auto-linking on headings not working.- Fix: Multiple custom keywords are not working on auto-linking.- Fix: Unable to add video embeds when SmartCrawl is active.- Fix: Title meta tag is not visible on BuddyPress.- Fix: Conflict with Branda text replacement module.- Fix: Automatic Linking to Pages exposes HTML in text in DIVI theme.- Fix: Conflict with Ultimate Elementor plugin.- Fix: Sitemap exclusions are automatically reset.- Fix: Issue with the canonical tag.- Fix: Parsing error on the sitemap.- Fix: Image anchor tag link is missing on Divi theme.
24 Sep 2022 - Version 3.2.1
- Improvement: Membership checks.- Fix: CSS is visible on preview when an Elementor template is used.- Fix: Shared UI conflict.
04 Sep 2022 - Version 3.2.0
- Improvement: Remove redundant priority and frequency data from sitemap- Improvement: Remove redundant last modified timestamp from the sitemap index- Improvement: Better sitemap compatibility with bbPress- Fix: Unable to uninstall SmartCrawl plugin.
12 Aug 2022 - Version 3.1.0
Improvement: Code improvements.Improvement: Upgrade Shared UI.Fix: Unable to enable Media indexing.Fix: Schema types cannot have more than 10 in Schema of same type.
29 Jun 2022 - Version 3.0.1
Improvement: Improved performance for the sitemap troubleshooterBug: Button disabled when adding new schema type to builder
16 Jun 2022 - Version 3.0.0
New: Custom schema type builderNew: Sitemap troubleshoot wizardImprovement: Security improvementsImprovement: WP 6.0 compatibilityFix: Link repetition in sitemap due to canonical URLsFix: Google Preview shows wrong URL with WPBakery and Divi
09 May 2022 - Version 2.20.1
Fix: Fixed minor security concernsImprovement: Code improvements
29 Apr 2022 - Version 2.20.0
New: Readability analysis support for 7 new languagesImprovement: Better SEO analysis support for languages other than EnglishFix: Minor bug fixes and copy changes
21 Mar 2022 - Version 2.19.1
Fix: Critical error due to conflict with schema pluginFix: XSS vulnerability
13 Mar 2022 - Version 2.19.0
Improvement: Performance improvementsImprovement: Remove beta and feedback link for LighthouseImprovement: Canonical URL should not be added to noindex pagesFix: Sitemap link does not respect permalink settingsFix: Sitemap not working in plain permalink mode
20 Feb 2022 - Version 2.18.0
New: Sitemap support for WPML with different domains per languageImprovement: Improved ability to translate SEO options through WPMLImprovement: SEO Checkup removed in favor of new SEO Audit toolFix: When importing from Yoast, options can't be excludedFix: News Sitemap settings tab getting stuck for several seconds on large sites
08 Feb 2022 - Version 2.17.1
Fix: Certain redirects not working with plain permalink structureFix: CSV import failing on windowsFix: Regex redirects matching partial URLsImprovement: Visibility of redirect upgrade notice restricted to admins
30 Jan 2022 - Version 2.17
New: Regex redirectsNew: Ability to bulk import and export redirects from CSV New: Ability to search through redirectsNew: Relative URL support in redirectsNew: Query variable support in redirectsImprovement: New SmartCrawl admin menu iconImprovement: New design for email reportsFix: Sitemaps documentation link not pointing to the correct sectionFix: Cursor in redirect modal jumping to EOL after every key press
19 Nov 2021 - Version 2.16
New: Advanced WooCommerce SEO OptionsImprovement: Include homepage URL in the first page sitemap in addition to the first post sitemapFix: Error when SMARTCRAWL_CONDITIONAL_EXECUTION is definedFix: Schema module self-activates upon any changes to the Social moduleFix: Custom taxonomy terms with dashes not supported in macros
05 Nov 2021 - Version 2.15.2
Improvement: Whitelabel improvements
31 Oct 2021 - Version 2.15.1
Improvement: Code and stability improvements
09 Oct 2021 - Version 2.15.0
New: NewsArticle schema added automatically for types included in the news sitemapNew: Included publication language code in the news sitemapNew: SEO Checkup tool depreciated in favor of SEO AuditNew: Added Product ID and SKU as options for MPN and other identifiers in WooCommerce Product schemaNew: Added default value for priceValidUntil to fix warnings in WooCommerce Product schemaFix: Incorrect taxonomy term loaded in schema type builder conditionsImprovement: Schema builder code improvements
01 Sep 2021 - Version 2.13.0
New: Added pagination to the redirection moduleNew: Multisite sitewide mode replaced with new network settingsNew: Added ability to bulk restore items in the URL crawlerImprovement: Site-specific data in configs applied only when source and destination matchImprovement: Code improvementsFix: Redirects being cached by the browserFix: Typos and copy changes
25 Aug 2021 - Version 2.12.0
New: SmartCrawl configsImprovement: Code improvements
06 Apr 2021 - Version 2.10.1
15 Mar 2021 - Version 2.10
23 Nov 2020 - Version 2.8.4
23 Oct 2020 - Version 2.8.3
10 Oct 2020 - Version 2.8.2
10 Sep 2020 - Version 2.8.0
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