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24 Feb 2023 - Version 1.37.2 NULLED
* Changed: Thrive Automator wizard's form dropdown now only shows published forms.* Changed: Allow uppercase characters in limit character/word controls and limit choice labels.* Fixed: Invalid HTML in the form builder interface.* Fixed: Phone field international code input’s inconsistent height.* Fixed: Stripe invalid value Javascript warning.
17 Jan 2023 - Version 1.36.1 NULLED
* Fixed: Coupons weren't being correctly applied to prices controlled by conditional logic.* Fixed: Sendinblue integration was misbehaving.
13 Jan 2023 - Version 1.36.0 NULLED
* Added: Drip email integration.* Changed: Slider field settings and rendering have been reworked for better usability.* Fixed: Quotes in words were incorrectly formatted when pushed to Mailchimp.* Fixed: Form block attributes are now properly escaped, preventing potential security issues.
16 Dec 2022 - Version 1.35.0 NULLED
* Changed: Submissions that contain disallowed words are now automatically trashed for easier handling of false negatives.* Changed: Dashboard notice displayed after a new form is created has been reworded and made more informative.* Changed: "Buttons" group in Messages tab has been split up for clearer separation of concerns.
16 Oct 2022 - Version 1.32.2 NULLED
* Added: Stripe webhooks support for reliable tracking of payments.* Changed: Sample form created on activation has been simplified for better reusability.* Changed: Changelog format has been improved to show release dates and more uniform entry types.* Changed: Submission counters in Forms screen have been tweaked to better represent unread messages and follow core design.* Fixed: Sendinblue connection issues could lead to fatal errors because of missing error handling.* Fixed: Order of evaluation of conditional logic was leading to incorrect behavior.* Fixed: Real-time page search in "Redirect to this page address (URL) after submission" controls was broken under conditional logic.* Fixed: Quotes in Messages tab were incorrectly handled and caused data loss.* Fixed: An incorrect call to `the_title` filter was causing compatibility issues with third-party themes and plugins.
30 Sep 2022 - Version 1.32.0 NULLED
* New feature: 5 new links in email allow for quickly seeing all submissions for the given form, browsing to the original referral page and marking submissions as read, spam or trash.* Improvement: Stripe payment fields have been redesigned for better usability and integration with theme styles.* Improvement: "Save" metabox now allows for editing of submission status and date for finer grained control of submissions.* Improvement: Edit Submission screen title has been tweaked to exactly match WordPress core.* Improvement: Unlabeled fields are now displayed accordingly to WordPress core defaults for better readability.* Bugfix: Submitted values that included special characters were erroneously converted to HTML entities.* Removal: "Fill out this form again" link has been removed to avoid confusion upon successful submissions.* Removal: "Save incomplete and abandoned submissions" has been removed as it posed potentially serious privacy concerns.* Removal: "Include reply link" and "Include referral web address" have been replaced in favor of better email defaults.
03 Sep 2022 - Version 1.31.1 NULLED
* Bugfix: On some setups, Dropdown field's default choices wouldn't be selected by default.* Bugfix: Conditional logic controlling field or form properties was misbehaving.
01 Sep 2022 - Version 1.31.0 NULLED
* New feature: Choices of Radio, Checkbox and Dropdown fields can now be individually controlled through conditional logic.* New feature: New "Print my submission" link after a successful submission lets submitting user print their submitted data.* Improvement: After the form is submitted" dropdown has been replaced with "Redirect to this page address (URL) after submission" control for better usability and less control clutter.* Improvement: Control labels in the builder have been reworded for better clarity.* Bugfix: Display of field values that include commas in emails was erroneously adding line breaks when a File Upload field is part of the form.* Bugfix: Display of a form's title was misbehaving in the Edit Submission screen for submissions of trashed forms.* Bugix: Zapier, Integromat and Integrately had stopped recording a submission's referral page.* Bugfix: Submissions that included a successful payment for a form set to redirect weren't being recorded.* Bugfix: Submissions with a Payment field controlled by conditional logic were misbehaving.* Removal: Scale field has been removed, as its functionality can be easily reproduced through Radio field.
12 Aug 2022 - Version 1.30.0 NULLED
* New feature: New Coupons screen and Payment field's "Accept coupons" control let authors offer discounts on their payment forms.* Improvement: All sections in Style tab are now always visible for easier access to controls.* Improvement: Choice based fields build interface has been tidied up and made more coherent.* Improvement: Display of untitled forms in dashboard screen is now more consistent with WordPress display of untitled posts.* Improvement: Form styles are now packaged in a single bundle for better performance and cache friendliness.* Improvement: Controls in Messages tab has been reordered to be more thematically coherent.* Improvement: PayPal redirection messages have been tweaked to better blend with form styles.* Improvement: A few payment statuses were displaying wrong results in Submissions screen.* Bugfix: AWeber integration would trigger errors when authentication tokens expired.* Removal: Poll field has been deprecated in favor of Radio or Checkbox fields.
22 Jul 2022 - Version 1.29 NULLED
* New feature: "Set subscription status to" control in Email tab allows for subscribing or unsubscribing submitters from third party email integrations lists.* New feature: Forms that include a required Payment field now trigger third party integrations only if payment has been completed.* New feature: "Bulk Add Choices" control for easily adding long lists of choices to Radio, Checkbox and Dropdown fields.* Improvement: Payment fields now display detailed information in all screens for easier traversal.* Improvement: Reworded Website field description to better match core wording.* Improvement: "Let respondents save a draft submission and come back to it later" control has been replaced with a simpler "Let submitters save a draft for set number of days" control for better usability.* Removal: "Link to attachments in email" control has been removed from Email tab and turned into default behavior.* Removal: "Capture user metadata" control has been removed from Setup tab for a clearer interface, and replaced with a new developer filter.* Bugfix: Multiple files couldn't be correctly uploaded through File Upload field on mobile devices.
01 Jul 2022 - Version 1.28 NULLED
* New feature: Toggletip field for creating expandable sections of content.* New feature: "Heading level" control in Heading fields for rendering headings of different levels.* Improvement: Tidied up display of "Add Logic Group" button under Payment field's "Price" setting for better consistency.* Improvement: Heading, Paragraph, Media and Separator fields are now displayed by default in emails for better consistency.* Improvement: Reworded dashboard and builder labels to improve usability.* Improvement: Empty labels in emails now won't result in excessive whitespace.* Improvement: Separator, Paragraph and Media fields "Hint" and "Label" settings have been removed or reworded to improve consistency with the block editor.* Improvement: "Forms" has been reworded to "Submissions" in Media → Library screen "All media items" dropdown.* Improvement: "Width" setting has been added to Heading and Separator fields to improve layout freedom.* Improvement: Wording has been reviewed and made more coherent across all screens.* Bugfix: Slider field validation was misbehaving when submitting a value of "0".* Removal: "Hide Paragraph fields in email" control was now redundant.* Removal: Address field has been deprecated as its functionality is better implemented using a combination of other fields.* Removal: Location services integrations have been removed since Address deprecation made them useless.
15 Jun 2022 - Version 1.27.4 NULLED
* New feature: "To email address" control under "Email me a copy of each submission" allows for more granular control of email settings.* New feature: "Reply email address" control under "Email me a copy of each submission" for easier exchanges with submitting users.* New feature: Forms in "All Forms" screen can now be sorted by submission count.* Improvement: "Added to" column in Forms screen now lists templates and reusable blocks for better integration with WordPress.* Improvement: Interface of choices in all choice-based fields has been redesigned for better usability and clarity.* Improvement: Submission counters in Forms and Activity screen now update in real-time for better responsiveness.* Improvement: Submission data for fields removed from forms is now deleted too for tighter privacy.* Bugfix: Payment field validation was misbehaving when Stripe is the only payment method.* Bugfix: Display of fields with limited choices wasn't updating correctly in builder's preview screen.
25 May 2022 - Version 1.27.3 NULLED
* New feature: Submissions are checked against headless browsers for better antispam protection.* Improvement: Form fields and field choices preserve their shuffled state when a validation occurs on submission for better usability.* Improvement: Phone field's country dropdown has been replaced with a number input for better performance and accessibility.* Improvement: Removed the default random API keys for Zapier, Integromat, Integrately integrations.* Improvement: Change "Limit submissions" checkbox to "Max number of submissions" numeric input under the "Setup" tab of the form builder.* Improvement: Change "Delete permanently replies and attachments after set number of days" checkbox to "Erase respondent's personal data after set number of days" numeric input under the "Setup" tab of the form builder.* Improvement: Better wording and style fixes in the form builder.* Bugfix: Opt-In Choice field label spacing was off.
12 May 2022 - Version 1.27.2 NULLED
* New feature: "All forms" dropdown in Media screen allows for easier filtering of media files uploaded through File Upload field.* New feature: "Screen Options" tab now includes "View mode" for better consistency with core WordPress.* New feature: "Empty Spam" button allows for easier bulk-removal of spam activity.* Improvement: Activity screen performance has been optimized for large numbers of form fields and activity entries.* Improvement: Numbers submitted through Phone fields are now callable with a simple click.* Improvement: Installation data is now deleted automatically on plugin removal for easier deactivation.* Improvement: Better linear spacing for all choice-based field controls.* Improvement: Automatic alignment of File Upload field's "Max size per file" control with the server's settings.* Bugfix: Action links in the Activity admin table were causing visual glitches.* Bugfix: An old migration routine was resetting the Email tab "Connect with" control.* Bugfix: Constant Contact integration wasn't able to refresh tokens, forcing authentication again and again.* Removal: Matrix field has been deprecated in favor of multiple Radio and Checkbox fields, which offer better usability and accessibility.
26 Apr 2022 - Version 1.27.1 NULLED
* New feature: Checksum-based verification system against repeated spam submissions.* New feature: Added "Headings" for Radio, Checkbox, and Dropdown field choices.* Improvement: "Max number of submissions" counters are now calculated in real time for better consistency.* Improvement: Happyforms block now displays a notice when a form published on page was trashed.* Improvement: Re-arranged the position of "Require an Answer" control for better consistency.* Improvement: Renamed "Limit submissions" control to "Max number of submissions" in all choice-type fields.* Improvement: Improved usability of "Min number" and "Max number" controls in Number field.* Improvement: In all choice-type fields, remaining submissions are now shown by default.* Bugfix: Stripe library was being loaded even when not in use.* Bugfix: Validation error on optional field with min/max requirements.* Bugfix: Address field's "Suggest address based on what the respondent types" control was throwing Javascript errors.* Bugfix: Deprecated "Signature" placeholder control was showing up with "Label" set to hidden.
07 Apr 2022 - Version 1.27.0 NULLED
* New feature: File Upload field's "Min number of files" and "Max number of files" control allow for finer control of file limits.* Improvement: File Upload field now allows selecting allowed file types one by one, including those added through hooks.* Improvement: All frontend scripts are now bundled in a single file for better performance and cache friendliness.* Improvement: "Spam" links are now available under entries in the Trash tab of the Activity screen.* Improvement: Bulk actions entries have been tidied up when filtering the Activity screen on a single form.* Bugfix: Duplicating a form would throw an error on PHP 8.0.* Bugfix: "Limit how many times this choice can be submitted" counters were being wrongly copied to duplicated forms.
23 Mar 2022 - Version 1.26.5 NULLED
* New feature: "Limit how many times the same answer can be submitted" allows for setting a submission limit on all open fields.* Improvement: Tidied up horizontal and vertical alignment of notices.* Improvement: Forms are now sorted by "last modified" date for easier management.* Improvement: All instances of a form's navigational controls have been turned into buttons for better accessibility.* Improvement: Website field's prefix now defaults to "https://".* Bugfix: Slider field was throwing errors when using "Allow range select".* Bugfix: Payment field validation was misbehaving on systems running PHP 8.0 and higher.* Removal: "Limit submissions per user" has been deprecated in favor of the new "Limit how many times the same answer can be submitted".
10 Mar 2022 - Version 1.26.4 NULLED
* New feature: "Step Interval" control allows for fine tuning the incrementing interval of Number, Slider and Payment fields.* Improvement: Redesigned layout of multi-page form navigation for better usability and use of space.* Improvement: "Make this choice default" control now supports multiple choices in Checkbox field.* Improvement: Updated Constant Contact integration to match the new authentication system.* Bugfix: Dropdown field was ignoring some style settings.
22 Feb 2022 - Version 1.26.3
Bugfix: Dropdown field was misbehaving when involved in conditional logic.
18 Feb 2022 - Version 1.26.2
* New feature: "Hint" control for adding descriptive text to Radio and Checkbox field choices.* Improvement: Nicer vertical alignment of choices spanning multiple lines in Radio and Checkbox fields.* Improvement: "Align choices" control is now a button group for better usability.* Improvement: Exhausted choices are now always tagged with "(0 remaining)" to avoid confusion.* Improvement: All instances of "submit" type inputs have been replaced with buttons for easier styling.* Improvement: All custom form dropdowns have been replaced with their native counterparts for better performance and accessibility.* Removal: Rank field has been deprecated, since its functionality is better covered by a combination of other fields.* Removal: Built-in PDF generation was limited and has been deprecated in favor of dedicated services.* Removal: "Store replies and attachments in database" control caused issues with other, more important features and has been deprecated.
29 Jan 2022 - Version 1.26.1
* Improvement: Nonce checks have been removed for improved compatibility with cache plugins.* Removal: "Tooltip" styling for field hints has been deprecated.* Removal: "Add 'select all' choice" control has been deprecated.* Removal: Long Text field's "Add rich text editor toolbar" control has been deprecated.* Bugfix: Form width was rendered incorrectly on specific PHP versions.* Bugfix: Payment field form notices weren't working correctly.
14 Dec 2021 - Version 1.25.13
Bugfix: Signatures were being cropped incorrectly.
24 Nov 2021 - Version 1.25.10
Bugfix: Old activities were erroneusly removed on some form configurations.
22 Oct 2021 - Version 1.25.8
* Improvement: Legacy Forms widgets can now be transformed into blocks.* Improvement: Hand-drawn signature images are now automatically cropped and optimized when possible.* Improvement: Disabled auto-capitalization, auto-correct and auto-fill on all fields that support it for better usability.* Bugfix: "Limit submissions" feature was misbehaving when used together with "Show a message and allow to resubmit the form".* Removal: Blanks field has been removed.* Removal: "Schedule visibility" control has been removed.
19 Oct 2021 - Version 1.25.7
Meta: Improved license check system.
12 Oct 2021 - Version 1.25.6
* Improvement: Better selection and insertion of forms in block interface.* Improvement: Web Address field prefix now defaults to empty.* Bugfix: "Limit submissions" and "Limit submissions per user" weren't working with "Store activity in database" off.* Removal: "Message location" control led to degraded usability.* Removal: "Disable buttons until required fields are answered" control led to degraded usability.* Removal: "Title" section in "Style" tab added clutter and duplicated core functionality.
11 Sep 2021 - Version 1.25.4
* New feature: HTML anchor on form block.* Improvement: Removed Phone Number country flags for better usability and performance.* Improvement: Better notice when uploading duplicate files.* Bugfix: Dropdown item font size doesn't match form style setting.* Bugfix: Form width preview not updating.* Bugfix: Single Choice, Multiple Choice and Dropdown field validation was misbehaving with "Limit submissions" on.
16 Aug 2021 - Version 1.25.3
* Bugfix: Address field validation was misbehaving.* Bugfix: Integration credentials were being removed without user intervention.
14 Aug 2021 - Version 1.25.2
* Improvement: New filter for advanced control of CSV exports.* Improvement: New global "Google Geocoding" and "Google Places" integrations.* Bugfix: "Register" and "Role Capabilities" sections weren't respecting capability settings.* Bugfix: "Add 'other' choice" and "Allow multiple choices" were misbehaving on Poll field.* Bugfix: Widget was misbehaving with new block-based Widgets screen.* Bugfix: Number field custom separators weren't working correctly.* Bugfix: Prefilled Long Answer field had styling glitches.* Bugfix: Long Answer field Limit words/characters controls had validation issues.
16 Jun 2021 - Version 1.24.10
27 May 2021 - Version 1.24.8
06 Apr 2021 - Version 1.24.3
23 Mar 2021 - Version 1.24.1
03 Nov 2020 - Version 1.20.2
18 Oct 2020 - Version 1.12.0
15 Aug 2020 - Version 1.18.2
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