In the file bsa-pro-scripteo/lib/functions.php find the function bsaProCheckUpdate() which starts on line 1869. After the opening curly bracket add


This will prevent the script trying to update (which contacts their server with your details) and also removes the Update Notice displayed everywhere in the WP dashboard.

To unlock all the functions (which actually are already functional, but the menus are hidden) edit the file bsa-pro-scripteo/bsa-pro.php. After line 35 which is

register_uninstall_hook(__FILE__, array(‘BuySellAdsPro’, ‘onUninstall’));


update_option(‘bsa_pro_plugin_purchase_code’, ’34e471a5-35fb-41d7-a559-004d03a35087′);

The code can actually be anything (it checks for the existence of a code, and then checks its length so anything 36 chars long will do – that is just a randomly generated 36 char UID)

All functions should now be displayed/available and no license or update notices shown.